[ESX] Advanced VIP System πŸ’Ž


  • Low consumption

  • Allows to generate codes to be redeemed by the users

  • Allows to give Vips as gifts

  • You can control everything remotely from discord

  • Vips players have access to a rewards menu where they can redeem cars that you put in the Config

  • Vip players can use a ped that the staffs assign to them (if their vip type allows it (All configurable in config.lua))

  • Big data control with logs for almost all actions



| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | N/A |
| Lines (approximately) | +800 |
| Requirements | Node.js | Tested in Legacy 1.7.5 :warning:|
| Support | Yes |


This is cool.
Keep it up.

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nice origen rp menu


Any chance of this being written for qbcore? It sounds awesome!

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At the moment I only work with ESX, but if there is someone interested in contributing to the project who knows about qbcore we could launch it without problems.

this is the best vip system ever seen bro

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thx you bro


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Hello, when I generate a code it says that someone has already claimed this code.

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another problem. i’m using illenium appearance and when i go back to my default character it doesn’t work u.u

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Hello, I tried and it works correctly, as the message says, you redeemed a code that already has a redeemed user, if errors appear in the console please send them.

you must make the corresponding exports, since I have used the esx skinchanger function.

u.u how strange that it says that the code has already been claimed u.u i am using esx legacy 1.9.3

All the bugs presented have been fixed

Integrate Tebex redeem :slight_smile:

is a good idea for a future upgrade

Funciona excelente!

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