[ESX] Admin Zones

This is a simple resource that allows users of a specific group to create mini “RP-Free” zones around them when handling issues, when testing, etc.


When enabling an admin zone, a blip is created on the map, and ONLY SHOWN to users who are currently in the admin zone, to prevent people from gathering around the area. This allows users to see the quickest way to leave the zone to continue RP. Upon leaving the zone, the blip disappears


While in an admin zone, the system prevents any user from shooting, or meleeing and displays a notification when the attempt to shoot or melee.

Speed Warning

If a user drives too quickly while in an admin zone, the will be warned to slow down

Text Screen

Upon entering an admin zone, a large text notification is displayed on screen for the entire duration of being in the admin zone. This eliminates any excuse of ignorance, as it is literally right in the user’s face.


Users recieve notifications upon:

  • entering a zone
  • leaving a zone
  • A zone being cleared (if they are in it)
  • speeding



clearnotif speednotif enternotif exitnotif

Performance Note:

This script is performance optimized. I have coded it in such a way that if there are NO ADMIN ZONES, then there are NO CONSTANT LOOPS. This means that the resource will have NO effect on performance when there are zero admin zones.

Performance when there are no zones

Performance when 1 zone is active (but the player is outside of the zone)

Performance when 1 zone is active and the user is inside the zone



Cool release

Thanks! I worked really hard on it, and wanted to share it out.

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For which version of es_extended ?

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_adminzone/server.lua:89: invalid vector field: source

cb (@es_extended/server/main.lua:215)
cb (@async/async.lua:24)
ref (@es_extended/server/main.lua:208)


I get this error when i put /setzone command

ESX 1.2, I’ll look into the error, anyway.

EDIT: It is working for ESX 1.2 FINAL, I may look into adding compatibility to 2.0

I have 1.2 Final and i have some error.

Can you reply with the error?

how can add another zones ?? and another commands

Right now, it is set where EACH admin can only set one zone. That way they do not forget about an active zone that is set. So there can be multiple zones, but each admin has their own. Also, the zones are not persistent, as they are meant to be a temporary safe zone during admin interventions.

Please, because i whant to use this script

I have this error is issued on the version es_extended 1.2

Can someone send me a screenshot of the error?

Do you use ESX_Kachacter?

Hi, I also get this error

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_adminzone/server.lua:89: invalid vector field: source
cb (@es_extended/server/main.lua:225)
ref (@es_extended/server/classes/player.lua:238)

I use ESX_Kachacter

Could you help?

So, that’s an issue with ESX_Kachacter. I’ll look into a patch, but it’s because of kachater.

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Thanks, hope you can figure it out :grinning:

I think I have a working patch. I’ll just need to test it later, then it should be released.

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Nice release, thanks !

Did you get to test it? :slight_smile: