[ESX] Admin Zones

Fix Published.

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Awesome work, thanks :slight_smile:

Everyone can shoot everybody. all other thinks working. What i do?

There may be a resource reenabling the “left mouse click” control. Take a look around in your resources and let me know what you find :slight_smile:

Another user pointed out an error.

Should be fixed with newest release.

How do i create a zone, what is the command

/setzone and /clearzone.

It says to me: insufficient permissions when entering /setzone. I’m the admin of the server.

Do you have the config set up to accept the ‘admin’ group for ESX?

Fixed it by changing the user group from “user” to “admin” in the database.

Yeah, that means your ESX group was not set to admin. Glad to hear it’s working though!

heya. im using ESX 1.1

this script is not working for me in the DB im Superadmin with lvl 999

i write that command and nothing happen.

same to your adminmode script

any fix for that?

Check both the server and client console for errors and let me know what you find

in the client is nothing to see, but in the serverconsole it writes this

Your ESX / Database is misconfigured. This is not an issue with the resource, you’ll have to fix ESX.

maybe its not working with mysql 8

if i try it with mariaDB it seems working. thats crazy ^^

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