Enhanced Driveby Animations [Free Demo]

Video Showcase


  • (1) Front Passenger Animation Clipset


Intended for SUVs but should work on any add on vehicle.
Note: This is only for the front passenger

  • Start resource _EDA_DEMO - before - your vehicle resources.
  • Find and edit the vehicle layout in the vehicles.meta
  • Change the layout to be LAYOUT_DELTA_DEMO


Free Demo - _EDA_DEMO.zip (128.8 KB)

Full Release Page - [PAID] Enhanced Driveby Animations
(Full release contains 18 clipsets and 12 layouts)

Please view the full release post for additional details about the animations, custom camera script, and for any support.


very cool bro

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:clap: for making a demo available

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Good job :slight_smile:


i tried it in modded cars. i can’t enter the vehicle after changing the layout_delta_demo layout in vehicles.meta

When you buy the full version are you forced to buy the camera view too or are you able to use your own?

Did you start the demo resource before the addon vehicle resource?
I don’t think it’s case sensitive but I would try all caps if it still doesn’t work (LAYOUT_DELTA_DEMO)

The script/camera is completely separate from the animations but the bundle is a little cheaper if you want them both.

Custom Camera ($10) + Animation Pack ($15) = Bundle $20

The script also contains a config where you can disable the camera, or enable on certain vehicles only, while keeping the other features enabled.

does the demo runs out at a time? or not?

Nope, the demo is unlimited but only includes the front passenger seat

why does the animation keep repeating itself?

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Since no one is in the driver seat, I think the anti-seat shuffle might be conflicting