Enc0ded's Forklift Trailer Mod [DEV] [Standalone] [Client]

enc0ded’s Forklift Trailer Mod

A clientside mod that enables trailers to have attachable forklifts and load pallets. This mod is intended to be incorporated into other mods, like my ESX-Forklift-Delivery Mod.


  1. Detachable forklift, loadable pallets and products.
  2. Works with any truck, trailer and forklift.
  3. Highly configurable, add any game object to pallets, apply different traits to each product category.
  4. 30+ default pallet products presets.
  5. 7 Product categories: Commercial, Construction, Church, Farming, Industry, Military and Security.
  6. Many export functions and events that control mod functionality.
  7. Object oriented code base: easily modded.
  8. Performant: >0.01ms if not interacting with trailer or forklift.


$18.00 + fees/taxes

If you purchase my ESX-Forklift-Delivery Mod this mod is included for FREE.

My Tebex Store


Possible license system? Please send a copy to moderators group for approval of releases rules.

do you have any already made jobs set for it

I posted an ESX Delivery Job here

Nice, that forklift transporting method is very clever :smiley:

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How is the view from other clients? does the props teleport or are smooth? can you provide some kind of video from other person perspective? @Hatchett

Not obfuscated or IP locked

INSTANT BUY, Great job buddy!

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The pallets and trailer are smooth as you see in the video. The only thing that is not completely smooth is attaching and detaching the forklift which when viewed from another player’s perspective has fewer steps in its animation. But still looks good.

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btw if i buy delivery job multilicense is included? or if i want this multilicense and delivery job too i have to buy both at full price?

Only the single license is included in the ESX Forklift Delivery mod.

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it is reasonable, as i said Insta buy! great job!

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Thank you, much appreciated.

Very cool! well done!!

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Tried posting a comment unsure if it got deleted.
Is there any coming updates
Got it and having some troubles unloading where the trailer glitches out and all the packages get thrown places.

I’ve not seen this happen myself. Could you private message me a video?

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I’ve added you to the Github repo so we can work through any issues there and you can pull any updates.

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much appreciated, was attempting deliveries with another player. Thats when it got all wackly, ill be getting on shortly and will go thru it and clip it

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I see you invited me too to the repo, I didn’t tested yet but I will take attention for bugs and will pull if I fix anything

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Don’t worry about the video, I’ve worked out the issue. I have a solution too but just working out if it’s the best way to go about it. I’ve posted the issue to the repo so you can stay updated.

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