Enc0ded's Forklift Trailer Mod [DEV] [Standalone] [Client]

damn yooo appreciate that type of support.
thank you, i will say I didnt do it solo and had another admin with me everytime. Maybe it was desync? but i also believe it was something else upon like how its leveled out with trailer? idk cause the thing starts doing gymnastics

Pushed an update to the repo. Gonna head to bed, but let me know if that fixes your issue. If not open another issue on github.

tried connecting to github but got a 404 error but holler tomorrows

It says your invite is still pending. They should have send you an email to accept the invitation.

This is what i get when i click the link in the email.


Click the highlighted link above. Or go to your invitations in your github profile.

imma idiot wasnt logged in. my bad!!!

how do you spawn the pallets?

If you are testing, there is some commented out code in main.lua that will spawn every pallet and product at the airport; tp to the cords.

If you want to spawn pallets in another resource there is a export function, check the README.md. This is a dev resource, you need to write some code to interact with this mod.

so does this fully require esx?

This doesn’t but my job that uses it does ESX Forklift Delivery

However this script is intended to be used by other scripts.

Really just out of curiousity, why was the forklift modified to be frontwheel steer? love the script btw.

Thank you. In the data/handling.meta file there’s a rear wheel steer version of the forklift commented out. You can uncomment this to enable rear wheel, just make sure you comment out the front wheel too.

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Gonna try this out to make it more realistic. Thanks bud!

I also have all these problems and some more, I have the resource stopped because it cannot work with it, it is impossible for the forklift to work well

This mod uses an edited handling.meta to fix the height issues of the forklift. If you are unable to use it you probably have a car pack that overwrites this handling data.

One way to fix this is to load this mod last in server.cfg.

Thanks, I’ll try to put it at the end, as you say, if that’s how it works