Enabling the island on build 2189

it’s caused by some mlo, it happened to me too

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Getting horrible texture issues when running this script unforutantely

Would be good to find out what MLO is causing that

The city is supposed to be replaced with ‘horrible texture issues’ when using island hoppers, as these are not meant to be run permanently, only when the local client is on the faraway island.

There’s a number of releases on the forums to allow seamless travel, such as this one:

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Do not say that to me. I had to enable one mlo at a time to find out which one was giving problems.

Hello i have a problem with this build, some bugs in some cars, for example: Pariah’s Spoiler not work,

perico.zip (2.1 KB)
I don’t have any problems adding or deleting the island with the attached file

I tested it with several MLO and got the following results

  • BobIPL and İsland; no texture problem everything is normal
  • any 1 MLO and island; no texture problem everything is normal
  • Over 10 MLO and island; minor texture issues
  • I started all MLOs on my server and had major texture issues

Are you able to provide these problematic "MLO"s as a repro?

I sent the mlo’s I had problems with via private message

The scripts and maps I started