[ELS] BCSO Mega Pack [FIXED..... AGAIN]

Hey guys been on a short break and now the big thing with car packs is ELS so here you guys go worked on this hope you guys enjoy the pack i really enjoy it myself.

DL - http://www.mediafire.com/file/e5a9z1wd4gvtboz/BCSOELS.zip


Original Download - http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16583-els-bcso-vehicle-pack/



Crashes on server start up!!

Ive had this pack for a while


try changing the name.

TO what? Tried that and Instant crash

calm this is my first time making an els pack

I’m calm… lol just asking what you want me to change and to what…

When did you make these?

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I have had them for weeks…

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Error%20sink-robin-mexico%202_15_2018%2010_59_56%20PM This is what I am getting

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Make sure the vehicles.meta isn’t missing a model

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Nope.Unless I missed it

You should probably check that your pack works before you release it. :wink:

Yes. You are missing something here. I thought it was just me and I was messing up… but clearly I’m not.

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Anyone that would re-upload the version that works?

There’s already a couple of ELS mega packs uploaded that are the same cars, different liveries. Simply download one of those. If they work, just swap out the .ytd files to use these liveries.

No there is not its a completely different pack

Want me to move your topic until you fix it?

No sir I will have it done soon