I have made some elevators functional in a lot of places that needed them (all can be seen in the ReadMe in file) If there are elevators I missed please let me know. Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile: Below are pictures of what it will look like in all the elevators.

I used @SimpleX simple Teleporting script as a framework

I also used @Meh Holograms/Floating text so that the text can be shown inside the elevator. Text font and color can change see how on his original link

Please go check them out and download there stuff

Download link:Elevator.zip (2.6 KB)

Install instructions included in Read Me!


That actually dosent look bad at all. Only if I would actually use it. But I actually have a different spot where I would wanna make this work. Nice job

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Nice work! Think you can include other elevators as well? (Like in the FIB building, for example)

@Thercio I can defiantly do that or attempt it.


We will follow this project! Would be amazing to use almost all elevators :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


May I edit and re-release this resource to allow for unlimited floors and buildings?

Hello Reman, Hello everyone,

Just added the resource and it does not seem to show
the text for me or anyone on the server
also even going to the pre locations you have
does not show may i ask for some help to fix it please

is there a fix when you carry someone and you teleport to another floor the person you are carrying got invisible and on his pov he/she cant see anything