dpClothing+ (1.0.3) Clothing Variations and Toggles (Gloves, Vest, Top, Hair, Bag and more)

no, this is a script for fivem

Is there a SP version or something similar?

Did you ever find this version?

hi guys have this in my server. i have a question when i take my jumper off and pants it puts on random clothes. do you know how to fix thsi so when i take clothes of the character goes naked?

the y menu won’t let me take off clothing I have to use the commands any suggestions to fix this?

Late reply but here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/scripts/39677-outfittoggler/

you find a fix for that?

Hi there probably a silly question but when I take the shoes off with your menu it still puts on a random pair of other shoes but I would like it to be barefoot. and same with shirt. How is this possible? Thanks!

Wondering the same

Found it on a server called “San Andreas Republic Roleplay”, but I can’t seem to find where they got it. It may be exclusive to their community. If it is exclusive to their community I will fork this and make something similar myself.

Here’s what I’ve gotten done, I’m not very good with graphic design though so I don’t have the best icon. I have added the belt/undershirt option & it does function well. The other 2 options are only for EUP items from that server, so I do not think I can implement them.

When i change the bare shirt pants and shoes number for Male. everytime i restart the server, i have to restart dpclothing otherwise it acts like i havent done anything to it. can u help please

Start dpClothing+ after starting addon clothes if you use any . Then it should work

J’ai un problème quand je veut enlever part exemple un t-shirt ou autre sa donne un coup de poings comment régler se soucis merci

how can i download this