Door Lock

I am looking for a simple door lock script that you just press E to lock and unlock the doors within a Police Station and Jail Cells. I have seen it used in a lot of servers and I have tried many door lock scripts but it isn’t the one I have seen used the most and is a lot more complicated than the one I have seen used.

I am using ESX the Zap Hosting version.

Any help in finding this and I would be extremely grateful. Thanks.

Just use nui_doorlock, it’s laughably easy to set up and works really well as it uses the native DoorSystem.

Awesome. thank you so much :slight_smile: I will check it out.

I believe what you are describing is what is seen here: [RELEASE] Badger_Tackle & Badger_Doorlock [NO ESX REQUIRED] also known as badgers doorlock

Thank you so much, this is working like a charm. Even adding more doors at other stations is easy as. Thanks for telling me of this resource. :smile: