DixielandRP [Noob Friendly] Qb-core [Hardcore Rp, Established Server, Optimized, Tons of mlos, cars, jobs, STREAMER FRIENDLY.] Top notch anticheat

DixielandRP (Allowlist) Must Join the Discord to gain access to the server.

Dixieland Discord

Here at DixielandRP we are an extremely familiar with running and controlling servers to provide the best experience possible. We also host a SCUM game server which held the #1 spot for weeks and we are still up there in the top.
With 1+ years of packed servers, renowned streamers, and a standard of roleplay that cannot be found in any other community. Our dedicated development team (me) ensures the very best custom content and assets. On top of this, our highly dedicated staff team moderates fairly and effectively, ensuring that enjoyment is the priority and the focus for all!

Here are some of our community features:

Legal and Illegal work to be done.

Multiple PLAYER OWNED car dealerships.

Black market

GKS PHONE (see link below)


Craftable Items


Customisable HUD/car hud


HUNDREDS of clothing options with more consistently being added.

Business Ownership, Every single business is capable of being player-owned and operated!

Fully intractable environment, All ATM and gas stations work!

ATM & Bank & Jewelry Store & Corner Store & Bank Truck robberies!

Custom Housing! Decorate your home, how you want, when you want, where you want!

A unique drug trade with numerous drugs!

Store Robberies!

Simulator Radio

Custom Radios

Quickly growing community!



Here are SOME of the jobs available on the server:

Police Departments

Department of Justice


Car Dealer


Vanilla Unicorn

Burger Shot


Package Delivery


Lets get into some more specifics.

  • DEDICATED SERVER (best performance possible)
  • Over 300 vehicles with more consistently being added
  • ENDLESS amount of enterable Maps/locations
  • Multiple Vehicle Dealerships
  • SUPER in depth Mechanic script
  • All new Billing System
  • Pristine Banking UI
  • Contract System where you can sell your vehicles individually to other players
  • Scratch off tickets
  • Satellite Map
  • Core mdw/evidence/dispatch
  • Luxart Vehicle Controls/ Wraith Radar
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Sync traps
  • Driving School to get license with testing
  • Community Service
  • Fishing
  • Strip clubs
  • Hunting
  • Advanced Character Creation Screen
  • Arcades
  • Cafe Job
  • Updated Tunerchip
  • Taxi Job
  • Real Estate
  • Tattoo Shop
  • Stocked locations with peds for more liveliness
  • Working Elevators
  • Shoplifting
  • Advanced Fuel Script
  • Walking Styles
  • Player based skills/gym
  • Optimized Inventory
  • Tackling
  • All updated clothing stores/interiors
  • Dj Job
  • Vapes
  • Player placed scenes
  • Logging
  • Coffee Store
  • Cigarettes
  • Livable Campers
  • Advanced Bug report system
  • Badge Flashing
  • Working Trams
  • Subway
  • Pawn Stores
  • Gold Panning
  • Drag Strips

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoy it

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Having way to much fun on this RP server. I’ve played on Dixieland SCUM server also and you guys always keep the servers fun and interactive! keep up the great work.

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Welcome to the RP server :slight_smile:

GREAT SERVER , lots of fun and great community .

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Glad to have ya here :slight_smile:

Great community had lots of fun playing on the server

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The love from everyone is crazy <3

I’m loving the Scum server Tbh
really fun and interactive community

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Played already on Dixieland Scum server which is incredible awesome but the DixielandRP sever is a total new level of enjoyment for me. I just love this server :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


enjoy getting on the server every chance i can!! always a good time! can’t wait to continue to play here

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Fantastic server, my favorite for sure!!

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I have recently became familiar with the Dixieland name. When you here the name Dixieland in a game server you know you are getting an active admin and staff who are there to help. It truly amazes me to see how much time they put in. I have played on several different servers, but once I came here I did not leave. If you want you r gaming experience improved then join Dixieland and become part of the family.

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Played a bit on the SCUM server DixieLand Delight. The admin are professional, available and pretty down to earth. The server was always pretty populated and the discord tie in worked really well! They did a great job keeping things updated and interesting. Only reason I haven’t been on is I love been working and got sucked into Escape from Tarkov

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Active servers all times of the day with good administration to keep the cheaters down.

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Good community and lots of weird stuff and jobs I haven’t seen in other servers.

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Awesome Server, Great Admin, Definitely recommend

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great and fun gta rp server only been playing for a couple of days and been have a great time the new phone is sweat

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best server I’ve ever played on. tons to do an balanced economy

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Just got paintball and gks phone added (Facetime etc)