DiscordTagIDs --- I know, I know, I only make discord-based scripts

I’m having a bit of issues. I’m currently receiving this error code.

SCRIPT ERROR: @DiscordTagIDs/server.lua:168: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘roleList’)

---- Current Config.lua

Config = {
	Prefix = '^9[^1Badger-Tags^9] ^3',
	TagsForStaffOnly = false, -- "DiscordTagIDs.Use.Tag-Toggle"
	RoleList = {  
		{833318234534838292, "~g~| Astro Citizen ~w~"},
		{833317795121856562, "~r~| Staff |  ~w~"},
		{833318234534838292, "~r~| Admin |  ~w~"},
		{833318234534838292, "~g~| Astro Citizen |  ~w~"},
		{833320557499514970, "~y~| Premium Citizen |  ~w~"},
		{833309675038572574, "~h~| Founder |  ~w~"},
		{833310065142398977, "~r~| Director |  ~w~"},
		{833420519776190505, "~b~| Dep. Head | ~w~"},
		{833431096648663120, "~b~| Astro Police | ~w~"},
		{833430674006212661, "~r~| Astro Fire Dep. | ~w~"},

You have set something up wrong when configuring this. You’re probably missing a comma or did not follow the instructions.

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okay so its working by just putting the name role to the Discord ID.

Config = {
	Prefix = '^9[^1Badger-Tags^9] ^3',
	TagsForStaffOnly = false, -- "DiscordTagIDs.Use.Tag-Toggle"
	roleList = {
		{"Astro Citizen", "~g~Astro Citizen ~w~"},  
		{"Premium Citizen", "~b~Developer ~w~"},
		{"Dep. Head", "~b~Dep. Head ~w~"},  
		{"Astro Police Dep.", "~b~Astro Police ~w~"},  
		{"Astro Fire Dep.",  "~r~Astro Fire Dep ~w~"},  
		{"Admin", "~r~ Admin  ~w~"},  
		{"Founder", "~r~FOUNDER ~w~"}, 

Fixed Solution.

Role ID or role name should work fine, but you were probably messing up the role IDs

Would there be any possible way of making the ID get removed if its not inside eyesight such as me being outside of a building and them being inside. I can still see the tag ID.

Hey @OfficialBadger,

If you could, would you be able to make it where you can only see the tag id’s if you press a certain key, for example the head tag only shows up when I press insert on the keyboard. I think this would be a great addition and would really help out with keeping meta gaming to a minimum! Your scripts are all great and I use all of them! Thanks!



How do I fix headtags not showing?

Have you found a solution to this? I am looking for the exact same thing.

Not yet, let me know if you find a way.