[Discontinued] Fishing v0.0.5b


  • Press Z to start fishing
  • You need to be in water
  • Press ENTER when bar is green to catch it
  • Configurable language in lang.lua


- Fixed: Display msg (script crash)

- Added: FR translation from @zapashcanon
- Changed: Fish got away after one fail.

- Fixed: Fishing from car
- Fixed: Fishing under water & swimming
- Added: Timer animation ( see Video Preview (Bar anim 0.0.4) )
- Added: Chat color
- Changed: Delete FishRod time
- Changed: Fishing animation speed

- Added: Toggle chatMessage ( on/off )
- Added: Key ( configurable )
- Added: Bar animation Speed ( configurable )
- Added: Success bar limit ( configurable )
- Added: EN translation from SofaKingToxic
- Changed: msg[5] display
- Changed: Bar thickness (s ee Photo Preview #2 )

- Removed: ES ( dependency 'essentialmode' )
- Removed: server.lua ( empty file )
- Changed: resource_manifest_version

- First version

Download: File (last version)

Video Preview (ver 0.0.1)


Photo Preview (ver 0.0.3)


Video Preview (Bar anim 0.0.4)



Oh good ! Good luck for further development

great script and idea cant wait to test it out , one small request if your going to have it add stuff to inventory maybe adapt it to vrp system a lot of people are trying to get away from all the requirements of esmode systems (and couchdb) since native mysql is coming with fxserver soon , just a suggestion though to think about , and thanks again ! good stuff cant wait to go fish’n :stuck_out_tongue:

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ya nevermind you didnt put in your initial post this requires essential mode lol might wanna put that in there , i guess i wont be fishing lol but thanks anyways :smiley: , please try adapting this for vrp framework many people are getting away from esmode due to couchdb and the MANY dependencies mods it uses require

vrp all the way, i finally escaped essentials

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It was a mistake. :grinning:

Many of the community use ES, do not do this

Script works with/without ES.

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Thank you <3 my friend

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Good to see scripts that works without essentialmode. Good job!

yay it works i can finally go fishing thanks a lot :smiley: cant wait for more updates ! (also should update first post/link it still says version .01) thanks again … time to get my fish on
also if youd like i am translating it to english and can post it here so you can add it to the file if you want :slight_smile: (although i see you have english explanations already it still might help )

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Does it automatically bring the rod back out after catch? If so it should and you should press Z again to stop fishing completely.

no it cancels after each interaction and you need to restart it , i agree though it kinda stacks up the system messages for you having to constantly start the process

here is what i put in for the english translations if anyone is interested in an easy copy paste to english for the system messages to the player

msg = {}

– When you start to fishing
msg[1] = “You dropped your lure in, wait for a fish to bite …”

– When you fail
msg[2] = “THE FISH GOT AWAY …”

– Success caught
msg[3] = “YOU CAUGHT A FISH!”

– Fail caught
msg[4] = “THE FISH GOT AWAY!”

– When you caught something

– You need to be in water

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Thanks @SofaKingToxic

Here is my French traduction, not perfect, but close…
Nice script :slight_smile:

msg = {}

– When you start to fishing
msg[1] = “Vous avez lancé votre appât, attendez qu’un poisson morde …”

– When you fail
msg[2] = “Le poisson s’est échappé…”

– Success caught
msg[3] = “Vous avez attrapé un poisson !”

– Fail caught
msg[4] = “Le poisson s’est échappé !”

– When you caught something
msg[5] = “Vous en avez un ! Ferrez le !”

– You need to be in water
msg[6] = “Vous devez être dans l’eau pour pêcher !”

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Thank you, added in next version.


tested new version works great but i feel you made it to easy to catch them now :stuck_out_tongue: the green was much harder to hit in older versions which made it a challenge now i feel like i can never miss :stuck_out_tongue:

i feel like i am missing something? i am using Freemode with Essential Mode. I added “fishing” to resources and startup. I am standing in the water at the beach and when i press Z a player list pops up showing who is all connected to the server. I also have Zero Errors… Cache was cleared… Any advice?

find a new button to trigger the even for fishing or your player list/scoreboard