Did they lock the workshop mod?

I had installed this mod of workshop on my server and it worked perfectly, until it is no longer taking the workshop and I do not know what to do here is the workshop mod … it worked stopped now 28/01/2017 follows the Mod link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/los-santos-customs-zu-atu-werkstaetten

This isn’t a forum for gta5-mods.com, try here

look here

that isn’t related, the mod title linked seems to have been a texture mod to replace LSC with a German car repair franchise.

then that would just be a texture so stream it like a car

note how this mod has been deleted from gta5-mods and the poster seems to be taking his concern out here.

yea but its just a ytd so he can stream it im sure

similar to this correct ? just a different skin of the garage you would make a streaming folder and place the textures in there , if it worked before and stopped working check your files maybe something got corrupted or deleted