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About Me

I have been roleplaying on FiveM for over 2 years now. I am now looking to share my experience with server owners that are looking to grow.

Important Below
I work as a contractor, which means I do jobs, and leave, I am not looking for a position, I am looking for work. I am willing to stay in contact overtime if that is what you would like, but I am not looking to stick to one community.

  • Regarding ESX/vRP servers
    • Due to the amount of time and effort it can take to perform certain tasks within the ESX Framework, I will not help build an ESX Server from scratch however I will install, configure and troubleshoot ESX Servers.

Over the 2 years of roleplaying on FiveM I have gained lots of expierence.
I have gained over 1,000 hours in Source SDK Base (FiveM) and over 300 hours outside of the game managing Dedicated Server Boxes and Teamspeak Servers. I have been in over 15 different communities and ran my own twice.

Skills and Assets
I have a lot of skills when it comes to running, developing and managing FiveM servers, TeamSpeak servers and D servers.

  • In FiveM itself I can;

    • Create a FiveM server from scratch. (Non-ESX)
    • Properly install resources that you request me to.
    • Configure and edit resources exactly to your liking.
    • Make your server files look neat, organized and professional.
    • Convert mods and add-ons from third-party sites such as LCDPFR and GTA5 mods to FiveM resources.
    • If you are working on a linux based machine, server setup will be left up to you since I am unfamiliar with the linux platform.
  • In TeamSpeak itself I can;

    • Create a TeamSpeak server from scratch.
    • Properly configure Server group, channel groups, and client permissions to your liking.
    • Properly configure channels to your liking.
    • Utilize TeamSpeak server query to gain access to features only technicians have access to.
    • Setup professional and matching TeamSpeak icons to your liking.
  • In Miscellaneous Skills I can

    • Manage a Dedicated Server Box by keeping it professional, up to date and running as optimal as possible.
    • Provide you with tips and tricks I have learned over my 2 years.
    • Provide you with information on the best, cheapest the most reliable service providers such as TeamSpeak Hosts, Server Hosts, and VPS Hosts.
    • Provide you with very quick response times (Usually within 30 minutes) during any time of the day, work hours or not.
    • Provide you with contacts that have benefits that I have gained over the years.
    • Portforward your router for you if needed.
    • Provide custom coded scripts and assets.

Contact Information
_You can contact me in multiple different ways, whatever you like the most.
D- AtexxDev#4871

As of late, I have been getting quite a bit of request. Due to this, I may not get to your project, and/or may look over your discord friend request. If you are still interested in my services, feel free to reply again after one of my “Available again” replies.

D - AtexxDev#4871

If your requests obviously ask for something that I do not offer e.g; esx or vrp services, I will ignore your post.


Just an FYI your “D” name is not correct.
Would like to talk to you if you could put everything that happened in the past. termanator1128#0001


Thank you for letting me know. I have added you and fixed such.

Ajay | Graphic/Motion Designer#8091

Get in touch :slight_smile:

I need someone to host a fiveM server and develop

Contact me: Azues#5986

Added and contacted. Still open for more work however.

Mart475 #8313

Get in touch with me on Discord.

I have 1700 hours on FiveM and am looking for developers to help me on my server.

It would be great if you could help me out :slight_smile:


Still looking for work. :smiley:

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Alex W.#1670 if you would like to contact me!

I currently own a RP server, but im trying to work on something different, more of a Roleplay-gaming type

I usually host(pay) everything myself but i also have a partner this time. We’re open to making some progress. I usually put work on car liveries and other car spawns locations, and my partner is very active in game


Message me on discord brother😁

Dear @Atexx The growing community at RosaRP could definitely use your intelligence. Please add me on discord @ Skila#5034 for an interview!

Kindest regards,
Founder of RosaRP

Hey bud. Add me on Discord, would love for you to join us.


I have got my ESX server done and am in a gaming community and have over 500 people in there. the only thing holding me back is police cars. if you could convert them from LSPDFR i would appreciate it. Discord is Jack .T


Invalid username

Need help with development on a esx server


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Hello I’m having some esx problem’s was wondering if you was still looking for work EvilSpartan#0996 is my discord

My server Oakland Sheriff RP is looking for developer i would happy have to you K.Hollingsworth for corporal#7187