Custom cars will be removed?

Hello i have a question, i play in a server that they says custom cars will be removed beucase rockstar buy fivem. Its that true or not ? thank you for your help and sorry for my english

In short, somewhat true - what they most likely are referring to are the IRL-branded vehicles, i.e. using the same name and logo as in real life; those are considered to be Intellectual Property (“IP”) violations and as such are against the current terms of service for the FiveM platform. They should be good to keep using any vehicles that aren’t infringing IP rights, even modded ones assuming they are not using the brand names or logos. BTW, whether simply debadging such a vehicle while leaving the model intact is a violation is more of a grey area and I don’t believe there is a definitive answer to that one.

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so if i make a server with vanilla like vehicles ( example: Dinka Nexus ) then i’ll have a smaller to almost no chance my server will be terminated or requested to change?

In my personal opinion and in accordance with my own interpretation of the current TOS, you shouldn’t - assuming the vehicle model in question does not have any “special” usage terms that would prohibit it, you should be clear from TOS as it’s not a real-life brand/model and as such does not constitute an IP infringement.
Again, that is my own opinion under my own interpretation of the subject matter; I’m not an expert on these things by any means.

is that true man?

yes it is

You’re fine if it meets the following:

  1. Does not contain any IRL branding
  2. Is not ripped from another game, or violating the license of the model author
  3. Is tangibly different from an IRL car model like Rockstar’s own models

As per the most recent Community Pulse:

“De-badging” vehicles is a first good step but that alone does not mean your server is fully compliant with the PLA. You must fully remove all real-world vehicles from your server.

Will people be refunded for folks that have purchased cars and now they will be removed??

No, because using real roots crabs had Always been against the rules. It just hasn’t been enforced as much until Rockstar took over.

As long as you are not getting your players to pay you real life dollars to purchase the vehicles or play in the server, you should be fine. After all, FiveM is a modding platform.