Create ServerRTC for GCPHONE (OneSync)

Hello, everyone,
Today I will show you how to create a serverRTC for the GCPHONE.
I warn in advance sorry if my English is not perfect :’(

Windows : Thanks to @Kullweet for windows

First step :


or in relation to your operating system


Second step :

Open the “powershell” as administrator.
Once the “powershell” is opened, type in each of the commands with the information you want to put:
cd C:\Users<Location Of That .exe>
$env:UDP_PORT = 3478

once this is done you just have to do:
cd location of the.exe file” that you previously downloaded
then typed:
.\simple-turn-windows-amd64.exe” or “.\simple-turn-windows-386.exe” depending on the one you downloaded.

Normally you will not get a message but you will no longer be able to write on the “powershell”, if this is the case it is because your ServerRTC is running.


Stage 1

apt-get install coturn

Stage 2

I advise you to launch the following command in a “screen” dedicated to coturn

screen -S turn

Stage 3

turnserver --listening-port 12779 --listening-ip SERVERIP --user USERHERE:PASSWORDHERE --real --verbose

And in the gcphone config it will give you

“useWebRTCVocal”: true,
“RTCConfig”: {
“iceServers”: [{
“urls”: [“turn:SERVERIP:12779”],
“username”: “USER”,
“credential”: “PASSWORD”

you can test your turn server here :

Click on the 3 bars at the top and enter your server information.

And enter the information here

Now press the “START” button

If it gives you this it’s because your server is working.

You can even see messages like this on your ServerRTC console:


I did this… but i have this server running on the same server as the fivem server… how would i do the webrtcvocal on the config.json?

Im doing the windows version.

You have to put the public ip of the server instead of “SERVERIP”, not localhost.

its still not working… i guess im a dummy!

You must put the IPV4 of your server and in the configuration of the GCPHONE I advise you to do it like this:

i did that. It looks all correct. But when i try to make a call… nothing happens. I even turned on RTC in the client config and turned it off to test… but if i make useWebRTCVocal FALSE the call goes thru but cant hear each other.

Check your firewall

its allowed. I think i maybe messed up something. Its no big deal… we havent had working phone calls for a while so i guess we can continue without it.

Try to see if your serverRTC works with this site

Like this

Click “Add Server”

Double click on the “ICE Server” you just registered

Click "Gather candidates

If you get this it is because your server is working

when i do that. Only 1 component shows up.

Check with this :
If turn doesn’t work, use stun o/

Do you use Linux or Windows?

windows but honestly… i think it may be because its home hosted.

Yes if you open it on your PC you have to open the ports on your internet box

yeah ive done that as well. I might mess with it later… Thank you for all the help everyone!

$env:USERS = "user=password foo=bar"
= no user exists for password… error message

what to do ?

Can you show me with screenshots the steps you do

I m using ■■■■■■■■ and i dont know how to use webRTC for teamspeak can someone help me?

webRTC won’t work with Teamspeak

i fix it it works fine thx

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