Crash : GTAProcess.exe!rage::fwAssetStoreBase::UnloadEntry (0x4c)

Hey, here to report a client crash.
Client crash : GTAProcess.exe!rage::fwAssetStoreBase::UnloadEntry

  1. Client Canary : Enabled
  2. Server Game Build : mpheist4
  3. Server Artifact : Linux FXServer 4973
  4. Problem : Client crash - GTAProcess.exe!rage::fwAssetStoreBase::UnloadEntry (0x4c)
  5. Since : 23/11/2021 - 14:00 GMT+1 Paris
  6. Dump file : (1.6 MB)
  7. Infos :
    a) I added a lot of new addon clothes/hairs ~80 .ydd with between 1 to 15 .ytd each.
    b) Right after the server restart the first crash appeared.
  8. Conclusion :
    a) Or the crash is related to .ydd
    b) Or the crash is related to a new client update, but looking at forum and discord post everything seems to point to corrupted streamed files.

Can someone give a look at the Dump file ? I will try to get more clean dump files if needed.
I’m trying to remove kind of one by one assets to find which one would make the crash.

Thanks for reading.

Here are all the disconnect message that seems related to that :

‘Game crashed: FiveM_b2189_GTAProcess.exe!_unloadPso (0xa6)’
‘Game crashed: FiveM_b2189_GTAProcess.exe!rage::fwAssetStoreBase::UnloadEntry (0x4c)’

Here is a crash message :

Can you stop bumping your ‘bug reports’ especially if you’re not adding any extra info (such as repro steps or full memory dumps) and even more so when they’re 100% in game code i.e. user/third-party tooling errors?

If you’re trying to amend topics with variants of the same info, just edit your last post.

In this case it’s clearly the case some tool exported a corrupted file that crashes the game when being unloaded, contact the tool’s author and preferably get them to post what they did here so we can detect these files so they won’t be loaded.

My bad will edit my post next time instead of keep pushing new message.
I’m trying to remove my new assets this night, will try to locate what’s the issue.

This would be related to a corrupted .ydd/.ytd or could it be also be the .ymt ? to stream addon clothes using this tutorial : [How-To] Stream clothes and props as addons, for MP Freemode models

Hey, are you using any creaturemetadata file generated by my tool?
My tool generates them in wrong format (RSC instead of RBF) which might cause issues, if not, then there shouldn’t be any other issues caused by my tool (It just generates XML which is saved into YMT by Codewalker)

Huh, are the base files plain RBF? That should be a much simpler format, did CW never get support for writing it?

Might be RSC is very unsupported for these if it’s indeed your tool. :confused:

I don’t know much about all of these, but you can read backlog of my conversation with dexyfex on codewalker’s discord. As far as I know, base game files are RSC and added in dlc’s by R* are RBF.

Currently generated creaturemetadata files are working, but they are “broken” randomly or when there are a lot of entries in it. I’ll be fixing my tool around january, unfortunately don’t have much time right now.

Hey, yes i do use creaturemetadata files generated by your tool to adapt for some hats with hairs for example.