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I’ve seen the “help” that was given in your posts on Core Dispatch, I’ll try and work it out myself thanks.


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I get the same errors. They used to give good support, but not anymore. I’ve been trying for weeks. Scripts aren’t working and can’t get help. When he does answer he flat out tells me it’s my fault and won’t assist me in finding what the cause of the errors could be.

Well this error points to you not having something in your db. Like lastname left blank for few users. And it is not my fault that your identity script does allow people to not have a lastname.

That’s not the only error nor is that error the one relating to lastname. The error is with this line:

Hey how are we, I need to reach out to you VIA DM’s regarding this product.

This dev just doesn’t care anymore. You should take your products off the market if they don’t work and you’re not willing to give support.

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Buy the product :wink:

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Same error , even tried just having just 1 job listed and still returns an error for the grade_label

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bro i have the game from epic games but i vant play in the server

Everyone having problems with it has problems in job_grades and jobs tables in database. So check if you have all the jobs and everythings correct

it is very nice

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if a player switches his job from police to another job, will I be able to see how many police officers there are hired in total?

If you buy both job utils and multijob yes

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