Connection was reset CURL code error 56

Hello, I have a small problem with my server gta 5 rp hosted on my second pc and I currently play with a more powerful pc but since the update of FIVEM my server appears in list and when I try to Connect me here is the message that I receive: Failed handshake to server my ip RECV failure : Connection was reset CURL code error 56 ( failure when receiving data from peer ) can you help me thanks !

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Disable anti virus or web protection software.

No I have no active antivirus but since their last update

Is it still happening as of right now.

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Yes since last update

I have no idea man. You may find help on their discord. But other then that you may just need to wait.

Have the same error.

I have open the port 30120 on my computer and my box for connection in out withe udp/tcp.
box configuration:

and when i set my firewall down the error stay.
Does exist any solution?

If it could help
I made a Wireshark capture between:
client > server
server > client
Whireshark record
I record that when i try to connect on the server.

Good evening I have the same error if somebody has a solution squeezed cool I think that the version of the server is not any more the same…

i have the same error, is anyone have the solution ?..

I also start having this issue after my FXServer is up for a few hours, my CitizenMP server is running fine for days so far and their both running on the same vps.

Hello, did anyone find a solution?

Thank you

Link photos:

dude no solutions?? i have same issue

i don’t think they realize not all problems are do to anti virus…

its one of two things… either another one of there services got banned by rockstar again or its your antivirus’s… so… if turning off or un-installing your antivirus’s dont work then you simply got to wait.

Failed handshake to server - Recv failure: Connection was reset - CURL error code 56 (Failure when receiving data from the peer).


I had a same problem, till restart the server. After restart it works normaly. Try to told A-Team to restart the server.

It’s the recent builds of the FXServer artifacts. It’s a rate limiter that they applied that’s to prevent DDOS attacks but it gets triggered if someone has a bad connection. Server desync I believe also causes this so that means pretty much every server has this problem.