Connection timed out. Pending commands

We are facing such timeouts for few players in the server. It happens randomly.

This error is not due to network issue, this error is due to some Script, cars or it’s upgrades or MLOs.

How to correctly debug this issue?

Attaching few images.

Any clue ? And how to debug this crash?


What about second screenshot ?

@d-bubble Please help us how to debug this error

Do you have any update to debug this?

use toggle neteventlog in f8 to see which resource is spamming network events and causing timeouts

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Thanks I will do that. @ThatGuyAgain

We have been facing this issue since 1 month.

Sometimes we get spammed with “Network thread hitch warning”

People say that it’s a DDoS attack but we don’t see any DDoS attack on the server.

The traffic is usual and there is no DDoS attack. You can check the following screenshot.

solucionou ?

how did u solved that?

it not working it saying i dont have permission