Clients losing connection with the server with the "timeout" reason

Right now I watch it and I do it, how much do you recommend to have it recording?

Set ‘Tracing to file’ and record for around 20 seconds at most.

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Here you have it extracted with 90 people on the server.
2021-05-23_11-56-01_Micky.etl (57.3 MB)

And just today the players who are experiencing failures in the loading of ground textures etc …

Are any people having aforementioned issue around now?

Will be able to look later, only, sadly :confused: So if people aren’t having the issue yet maybe capture again when they do.

I have read the above message, players are experiencing texture loading glitches and low fps.

… but both don’t seem server-related directly. ‘Low FPS’ implies however that it should be possible to take a trace from an affected client as well, though!

I have read on the Internet and FiveM forums that this is a possible cause is that OVH DDoS mitigation may have something to do with it, could it be possible? I don’t know what could be more, the players tell me that the first moment they enter the server well, but after a while the failures begin.

Now I have noticed that there are times that this comes out to some users.

Oh that gcphone event looks particularly bad… heeeh.

Is it possible that if I have 148,387 messages from people in the gcphone database it is causing that error? And another possible conclusion from this is that the server’s Internet connection with some clients is slow.

I’d not be surprised if it turns out that gcphone does send a lot of message history even when not needed, large events are known to cause issues like these which is why they should be used sparingly.

Right there it gives huge FPS dips, between the dips and the falls of the people it is almost impossible to play and I for my part no longer know what to do since I have searched through forums and I can not find anything.

Fall issue I’m drawing the conclusion that it is something of the Internet between the server and the client, I do not know if I will have to increase the MB’s of the machine or what. And then another conclusion that I have drawn for those FPS drops is the high load of streams (maps, vehicles, clothes …)

Could a possible cleanup in the message table of the gc phone database save all this?

Try it! Maybe make a backup first.

Correct, I already have a server shutdown planned for tomorrow at 8:30 AM (Spanish time), with that I will take advantage of restarting the machine, see if there are Windows updates available, and if you recommend some FiveM Artifacts in I specify because I will change them too.

At the moment I have taken this record (with 34 people on the server) and it seems to be stable, I will wait for the evening when there are many more people.

What worked for you?

Cleaning up the database, updating artifacts, or? :slight_smile:

Clean the database mainly, keep the optimized scripts and the artifacts updated to the recommended version.