Connection Rejected by Server - REUSED TICKET

Hello, about six months ago I posted this

which was fixed (I thought) by unregistering and re-registering Windows NTP. However, nowadays it happened again and it does not work even if I re-do the NTP process.

Could someone please help?


Your server console while having the same problem?


Subbed to this topic because I’m experiencing the same on my server.

Just recently made the switch from Zap to a VPS (NFO), not sure if there’s something on my end I have to look out for such as server auto-restarts or a config to adjust in the txAdmin, because I saw something about time sync being off.

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‘Reused ticket’ doesn’t seem related to timestamps but rather an anomaly in connection flow - something causing a client to send two connection requests for whatever reason.

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Any solutions please? or Any direction that I can keep digging?

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What is really interesting is that I didnt do anything about it, and it disappeared for at least 2 weeks and it hasn’t reoccured once yet.

I’m currently having the same issue on my server for a week now
The only workaround I found is to restart the server

im trying to join the server. how do I go about doing so

Matter of fact it doesnt show up anymore for a month.

how to fix bro?

Not fixed and it just began to pop up again. I’ll be collecting and posting more info and data for you guys to fix this together

And it’s happening basically every night now

Connection rejected by pinofreshh’s server: Sorry but I could not find your role ID’s please reconnect and if this persists please contact the server developer!

thats what i get anytime i try to get in the server… any solutions plz?

Problem resolved. Will post detailed conclusions soon.

Basically. When you connect to the server, it will fetch with Steam at to verify a player’s steam info. When your server having issues connecting to and players joining the server, it will result in multiple POSTs being sent with no signal received back, causing “reused ticket” thus duplicated POSTs.

Especially for Chinese servers whereas the government recently banned Steam, this issue will pop up very often. Use VPN on servers to establish steam connection.