Connection Rejected by Server: CitizenFX Ticket Authorization Failed

Could someone please help me with a particular issue? My server after two or three days will become unable to join with the warning of Connection Rejected by Server: CitizenFX Ticket Authorization Failed. It will be fixed after restarting the FXServer. Recently, it comes up more frequently, which is about 24 hours-36 hours. Thus, I restart FXServer daily. Now, it showed up after about 16 hours. What is going on lol?

Bumping… Since this issue still exists.

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Your system time seems extremely out of sync.

Thank you very much for your answer! The server system time is auto-sync GMT+8. Should I make any changes? I have tried to uncheck auto-sync, and re-check the auto-sync, it won’t work. It’s NTP is, 0x9.

Maybe I should change its timezone or set it to another NTP?

UPDATE: I have changed it to windows NTP with auto-sync and it still has the same problem.

Finally fixed.

Out of curiosity and for future reference, how exactly was it fixed?

Windows NTP.

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