Community Update - Period 3 Community Update: 3rd Edition

Welcome to the 3rd weekly update for the community, spanning FiveM, RedM, and overall updates.

This post is written by a group of community members, for the community and serves as a way to update you on the latest happenings within FiveM and RedM, which we all love so much.

Weekly Summary

Here is a list of the most important news and updates from the past week.

  • Watermark update
  • Keymaster limit is now 10 keys per account
  • Client performance improvements
  • New critical server build

Watermark Update :mascot:

Since OneSync has been publicly available for more than two years now with many bugs fixed, we decided to graduate OneSync from alpha, which is shown by replacing the OneSync-ALPHA text in the watermark with just an asterisk. In addition to this, if your client is running on the canary update channel, your watermark will be updated to confirm that.

License Key Limit

As announced here, in an effort to combat key resellers, the maximum amount of keys allowed per account on the Keymaster is now 10. If you have a valid reason to need more than 10 servers up at once, special access can be granted to exceed this limit. Existing keys will remain active, but you won’t be able to register any new keys above the limit of 10 keys.

Do note that you can still use old keys which has been registered on the old IP address. Make sure to only use one server instance per key, otherwise you will experience a lot of issues such as incorrect server listing, invalid reverse-proxy address, etc…

Client performance improvements

On Canary, there’ve been a few changes that improve performance especially on OneSync servers by suspending physics updates when entities are ‘out of scope’ and reducing some heavy functions that accidentally got called multiple times per frame.

However, there’s some new issues with interiors that need a proper way to reproduce them in a standalone way before they can be pushed… :frowning: Maybe some of you can help?

New critical server build

Yet another flaw has been discovered in the FXServer http-server component which could lead to crashes under heavy load such as with specific flood payloads.

This has been fixed starting at FXServer artifact 2430 (download: windows - linux)

Technical Notes

For you technical geeks, we’ve also added a list of the most important technical changes.

Git shortlog

Niek Schoemaker (1):

  • [5046e759] fix: GET_HASH_KEY crash on server with null value

PichotM-OVH (4):

  • [a8d7020e] onesync: add is_ped_a_player
  • [3f1c6f0e] feature: add 2d convar for mumble voice chat
  • [2772be18] fix: typo in mumble voice target fix
  • [4798b475] fix: mumble voice targets ensure the channel exists

zirconium (27):

  • [8848a12c] tweak: less annoying less moving and smaller watermark, but still RNG
  • [3ab11f65] fix: extra cache busting parameter for info.xml in case CF cache is weird
  • [1dd315b6] tweak: add refresh URL to client upload
  • [a62a7062] tweak: (legacy) 1s perf improvements
  • [d8c83f81] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘niekschoemaker/feature/fix-server-hash-key-crash’ into master-pub
  • [555d0c29] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘pichotm/onesync-ped’ into master-pub
  • [21812459] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘pichotm/mumble2d’ into master-pub
  • [8def3a3a] tweak: less sprintfs for talker names
  • [54ee649b] fix: remove entityVec entries, try not to disable faraway physics objects
  • [ec7e1c4f] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘pichotm/mumblefix10’ into master-pub
  • [b51209a8] tweak: compile-time fixes for unusual compilers
  • [6c212ec8] Revert “fix: remove entityVec entries, try not to disable faraway physics objects”
  • [97c4f270] Revert “tweak: (legacy) 1s perf improvements”
  • [2b6f21f0] fix: crash on load
  • [c4f87180] fix: linux build of edited json.hpp
  • [fded1cda] Revert “Revert “tweak: (legacy) 1s perf improvements””
  • [351cfb80] Revert “Revert “fix: remove entityVec entries, try not to disable faraway physics objects””
  • [cf45084c] tweak: share imgui.ini across project installs
  • [3eb0329e] fix: solve another mumble reinitialization race condition
  • [88ae93b7] tweak: change handling for incorrect game paths
  • [a0613114] fix: make rdr build again
  • [3d5e5d29] feature: server: structured tracing support
  • [b981f6fc] fix: cfx-ui: work around weird default in autolinker
  • [c9ba7e7d] fix: net/http-server: (!) yet another null pointer check of the day
  • [350dd7bd] fix: resolve condition_variable check in linux build
  • [97916660] fix: server: reorder mutex acqusition/release for GameState client data
  • [9a77ff02] fix: net: instantly disconnect enet peer when resetting netlib

Community Spotlight

Without the community, both FiveM and RedM would not exist. Therefore, we want to highlight some positive and influential members as well as some cool new #development:releases and #fivem-snapmatic

Community core project improvements

We have a wonderful community who love to help us improving both FiveM and RedM, so here’s a little summary about what these lovely people made this week!


Once again, @PichotM made several commits to FiveM this week!

Big thanks also to @niekschoemaker for his fix on server-sided GetHashKey() native.


Sadly, there wasn’t any community PR made to RedM this week. Maybe next week! :slight_smile:

Where is @Disquse? :frowning:

FiveM docs

This week, a lot of community PR were made into FiveM documentation repository.
Special thanks to @MDReptile, @jsfour and @HassoNFTW for your work! :slight_smile:
Those will be published very soon.

Release of the Week

This week, @daZepelin released a resource which shows cool screen-effects if you hit an obstacle. Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt!

And @Warxander made a resource which can display emoji on top of players based off messages sent in chat!

Snap of the Week

We’re always pleased to see the snaps you guys send using FiveM Snapmatic, here’s the two we picked this week!

Here we can see @Ultra_V doing what seems to be a morning routine tofu delivery run!
Careful, though. You don’t wanna spill the water in that cup. :red_car:

You better start this engine pretty quick and put full-throttle before this cop come close @Rubylium !

Got suggestions or feedback for the Community Update? Let us know :snail:


Hot :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

Haha! Thanks for adding my Pic in this community update!

Is it possible to delete old keys?

hell yeah!


Why 10 limit why not unlimited

The answer is in the Community Update :slight_smile:

So how does one go about deleting already existing keys?

Nice! so cool this weekly update

One doesn’t.

Yall Should Add Something Like When You Boot The Server It Tells You If Its Out Of Date In The Cmd

You can also use the txAdmin feature to have an update checker.