Community Pulse - March 2024

Hi everyone!

With development moving along steadily over here, we’re back with some new community-facing updates, and an update on development, as well as sharing our documentation survey and some additional infrastructure updates. As always, thanks to everyone who has provided feedback for us, and please keep it coming.


Lately, we’ve been putting lots of care and attention to our Discord server: we have updated our existing categories and channels, created new ones, reviewed permissions and re-enabled the Onboarding feature. While we feel these changes are a significant improvement, we plan to continue to improve the Discord experience over time. If you haven’t already, we invite you to please join and chat with us and our community!

Support Platform

Our new live agents have all started to work on tickets! We have been reviewing and improving existing processes, with more planned improvements still to come. We deployed the first iteration of agents’ internal tooling, and any active infrastructure outages will now be displayed on our support website in real time.


This month, our focus was primarily around enhancing stability and addressing various issues reported by our community. Here’s a glimpse of the key fixes and improvements implemented:

  • Fixed a crash abused by cheaters spawning invalid vehicles.
  • Fixed a crash when using emojis extensively in text command natives.
  • Fixed NUI focus when using the DirectInput input method.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon component natives for some files.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid binds binding to the wrong key.
  • Fixed an issue with Steam when using Steam beta.
  • Fixed GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE not recognizing the combat roll.
  • Fixed r_disableRendering console variable not working.
  • Fixed a crash when loading into an interior with broken entities.
  • Fixed a server crash with trying to output very large error messages.
  • Improved task scheduling for Mono v2 allowing other threads to switch back to the main thread.
  • Improved native definitions.
  • Increased the limit for ped props per model.
  • Improved OneSync network time sync code.
Git Shortlog

Disquse (10):

  • [751a76cb5] tweak(onesync): refine net time sync code
  • [85c7a6c7d] tweak(ext/natives): add missing rdr3 native declarations
  • [200d8e0e8] fix(ext/natives): rename
  • [28815a5b6] tweak(ext/natives): add missing “gta5” game fields
  • [ec7339667] tweak(ext/natives): remove irrelevant “gta5” game fields
  • [3d66c8893] feat(core/five): workaround for ped props limit
  • [9d639ce54] tweak(ext/natives): add compatibility comments
  • [d52ae2ec0] fix(streaming/five): typo in RemoveFromScene method
  • [55b2fc4a5] tweak(rdr3): add filemapping for FSR-related DLLs in RedM
  • [03473ccb2] fix(devtools): disable timecycleeditor convar outside of SDK mode

Fabian Terhorst (6):

  • [4369ff987] tweak(tests): remove outdated tests
  • [774cce9ba] feat(tests): add net buffer tests
  • [3e8df672a] fix(shared): net buffer overflow
  • [a247313c8] fix(vendor/catch2): don’t generate second main
  • [af589c664] tweak(tests): only include in server target
  • [f712de768] tweak(ci): don’t distribute the unit test runner CitiTest.exe with the ci

Gottfried Leibniz (14):

  • [72c7fe7a2] tweak(streaming/five): move ScaleformHacks definitions
  • [d28318af4] tweak(streaming/five): move sfFontStuff definitions
  • [c9fccde94] fix(game/five): input initialization
  • [b05fe748a] tweak(extra-natives/five): weapon component natives
  • [4dbc54609] fix(streaming/five): sfFont thread safety
  • [d35dcb4ea] fix(streaming/five): crSkeleton checks
  • [b289a4f46] tweak(level-loader/five): set ICoreGameInit variables after shutdown
  • [844e20ead] fix(game/five): MaxSpeed offsets
  • [bd13a289a] tweak(gta-net-five): submarine control validation
  • [62cd1b912] tweak(input/five): small cleanup
  • [b228c353a] tweak(input/five): sanitize input mapper/parameter pairings
  • [79839e4c2] fix(steam): support steamclient64.dll… for now.
  • [f2f98580a] feat(client/five): have GetIsTaskActive recognize CTaskCombatRoll
  • [ab9faeb9d] tweak(conhost): few r_disableRendering related checks

LWSS (1):

  • [36628788d] fix(client): Cleanup various static sig patterns and put them in HookFunction’s

Mike Hojgr (1):

blattersturm (1):

  • [c8d971a47] tweak(client): remove non-ASLR game executables

jakub (1):

  • [6f9893214] fix(scripting/lua): updated scheduler error printing

neptunium (1):

  • [50a7f9e25] tweak(scripting/five): private PAS bits

thorium (4):

  • [a4ae1e871] tweak(github): don’t label invalid PRs as triage
  • [30feeec04] tweak(clrcore): allow TaskFollowNavMeshToCoord parameter change
  • [c7b9c2122] fix(scripting-mono-v2): allow scheduling from non-main threads
  • [915fdc21b] tweak(scripting/mono-v2): bump pilot date

txAdmin 7.1.0

This exciting update brings some long-requested quality of life improvements to day-to-day admin actions like managing players and bans/warns, as well as improvements to the Live Console.
Thanks to all the GitHub contributors who reported issues and brought us pull requests!


  • New Players page: you can now scroll through all players, search and filter them
  • New History page: same above, but for bans/warns and you can filter them by admin
  • Implemented a new modal to show bans/warns as ground work for exciting future ideas
  • Added a history & bookmarks sidebar to the Live Console

Worth Mentioning:

  • feat: Improved the built-in HTTP DDoS protection to prevent out-of-memory txAdmin crashes and terminal spam.
  • feat: Added a key mapping for the “TP to Waypoint” menu command. (#886)
  • feat: Added missing weapons from DLCs to the server log death reasons. (#904)
  • fix: Fixed Live Console’s out-of-sync search result issues.
  • fix: Implemented a hacky patch for server owners to be able to read RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) words in Live Console.
  • fix: In-game menu will not force re-auth on all admins when someone logins to txAdmin through the button anymore.
  • tweak: Stopped counting in revoked bans/warns in the player modal info tab.
  • locale: updated Arabic, Japanese, Danish, Czech, Dutch, Polish translations.
  • And as always, a bunch more (less notable) fixes, tweaks and improvements that you can check out in our git repository!

Developer Documentation

As teased in our last Pulse, we have now released our documentation survey and would like to thank everyone who completed the survey - we have already received a ton of useful feedback!
We encourage everyone to complete the survey here:

We also want to thank our documentation contributors this month: @freedy69, @ahcenezdh, @AvarianKnight, @ook3D and @ItsJunction.


Throughout March, we have been improving the performance of multiple back-end services, including migrating some services to new content delivery networks, leading to great results - especially on our forums. More migrations are planned to take place over the coming weeks and months.

In recent weeks, some of our services have been the target of a greater number of attacks than usual. As a result, some amount of traffic was able to pierce through our firewall, leading to some services outages. We are actively working on improving our filtering and ensuring our services can recover more quickly from catastrophic failures.

We are also aware of some profile pictures no longer showing up correctly in Keymaster - we are currently working on a fix to go live as soon as possible.

And that’s all, see you next month! :mascot:


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A good update, much needed for TX too!


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Really useful txAdmin update, I bet a lot of people will love this! Keep up the amazing work @tabarra!


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Why are all of the community pulses released a month late now? Also this pulse feels, I don’t know…like you didn’t have much to update us on so you told us about the discord?


Great update cfx!


Every month they release what they’ve done the last month. That’s why its the March community pulse. Also for this big of a project it takes some time to gather everything they’ve done and then write a post about it…

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Would it be possible to add a “what we’re planning” section to this to give us insight into what to expect? Appreciate the summary, but also would be cool to get a look at what’s being prioritized.


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