Community Pulse - December 2023

Hello everyone,

As this eventful year slowly comes to a close, it’s now time for our last Pulse of 2023! And what a year it has been, full of exciting events, changes, and milestones. We’d like to wish our community a merry holiday season and a happy new year!

Introducing GTA RP Week on Twitch

To celebrate our awesome roleplay community on Twitch, we’re excited to announce: GTA RP Week!

Between December 15 and December 21, Rockstar Games and Twitch are partnering to reward the GTA RP community with the biggest subscription giveaway in Twitch’s history!

Throughout the week, GTA RP streamers playing FiveM from around the world will be featured on Twitch’s front page.

Learn more on the Rockstar Newswire, and enjoy GTA RP Week by watching your favorite GTA RP streamers on Twitch!

Share your best clips with us!

During the event, we invite our community to share your favourite Twitch clips with us! Simply use the hashtag #gtarpweek on X, and we’ll highlight the funniest, craziest and most action-packed clips all week long!

Additionally, you’re welcome to participate inside the dedicated channel we made for the event in our Discord server!

Moving forward to 2024

It’s hard to believe just how much has changed for us in a year! We broke player records, we saw more content than ever being created by the community, and last but not least, we joined Rockstar Games!

From our whole team: thank you. The support and enthusiasm of this incredible community throughout the years has been a huge driving force to us all.

For 2024, we’re looking forward to improving the platform experience for everyone, and we can’t wait to share more details.

Until then, we’d love to hear your most standout highlights of 2023! And similarly, what are you excited to see in 2024?

Development updates

This past month we released improvements to both the FiveM and RedM game clients and services, improved the GitHub experience on our primary code repository, completely refactored our game build scripts, addressed high priority bug fixes, reviewed and merged code contributions from our community, and more!

Keymaster improvements

Following reports of Keymaster struggling to load in presence of large quantities of Assets or Granted Assets, we added a pagination system.

Based on feedback we received from the community post-release, we added a search bar to quickly find assets by author or asset name.


We continue to work on the new txAdmin v7 update, putting emphasis on improving user experience for most common admin tasks. Every day we are inching closer to our goal, and a beta version will soon be available on GitHub for servers owners and admins.

RedM Timecycle Editor

We have released a Timecycle Editor for RedM, a feature initially released on FiveM earlier this year. In fashion of the existing timecycle Editor for FiveM, we are releasing one for RedM!

To open it, use the timecycleeditor console command in FxDK mode, or use the ActivateTimecycleEditor() native!

Git changelog

DatGuy1 (1):

  • [16b65e65e] fix(clrcore): actually use sound ID when playing audio

Disquse (7):

  • [8014165ca] feat(rdr3): add devtools-rdr3 component
  • [1b212f344] feat(rdr3): timecycle editor support and improvements
  • [6150036dd] tweak(graphics/five): improve and export dlDrawCommandBuffer
  • [16ec77b42] feat(extra-natives/five): implement glow sphere drawing system
  • [3efdd8118] feat(native-decls): add DRAW_GLOW_SPHERE
  • [9d9a4a52a] tweak(devtools): improve timecycle editor formatting
  • [03fdc4a3b] tweak(onesync): use event names in NetEventError

Ehbw (1):

  • [3f9b239d7] fix(scripting/lua): correct LuaNativeContext constructor

Jenson R (1):

  • [fa1cee4b1] fix(ext/cfx-ui): adaptive card disabled button style fix

LWSS (2):

  • [339c505a9] fix(extra-natives-five): add try…catch to Windows.Gaming.Input function
  • [a83bc1716] fix(extra-natives-five): add try…catch to Windows.Gaming.Input function

Nikez (1):

  • [80f9e4aba] tweak(data/five): increase audio occlusion related pool sizes

xZToxicZx (1):

  • [84f6b8d33] fix(clrcore): Ped.GetHeadBlendData() using wrong handle

jakub (2):

  • [7146cdad9] fix(server): support utf8 paths on windows
  • [2774c55a4] fix(server): re-enable btls for mono on windows

manzarek123 (1):

  • [804149118] tweak(gameconfig): up TxdStore limit to 105500

nihonium (21):

  • [16c8adca6] tweak(ci): only build server and nuget/npm packages off of the master branch, account for private version for game version, tweak upload review scripts
  • [84a030311] fix(ci): pass versions to private setup for server build
  • [3e793d3b2] fix(ci): temporarily disable accounting for private version
  • [c04ba4d8d] tweak(ci): run dependant jobs on_success instead of always so that they don’t run if dependency job failed
  • [e015cbcff] tweak(ci): stop calculating versions during the deploy stages, use fixed ones from the build stages
  • [5031bb7ba] tweak(streaming): correctly supply depth for minimap overlays
  • [795db50c6] Merge branch ‘mr-149’
  • [d2da9f202] Merge branch ‘mr-153’
  • [2b850a6f9] Merge branch ‘pr-2266’
  • [4b458465b] Merge branch ‘pr-2273’
  • [d54c2c18d] Merge branch ‘pr-2282’
  • [84ba89352] Merge branch ‘pr-2284’
  • [1c9ee67f9] Merge branch ‘pr-2286’
  • [6f0f05be6] Merge branch ‘mr-137’
  • [ca429f25d] Merge branch ‘mr-155’
  • [ac064ab19] Merge branch ‘mr-156’
  • [23ead802b] tweak(ci): temporary solution for Game version to avoid possible collisions
  • [71716f0fe] Merge branch ‘beta-hotfix-231211’
  • [81f6957d9] Merge branch ‘mr-160’
  • [c5ad8ce82] tweak(client/launcher): add deltas for 3095
  • [6010dc46b] Merge branch ‘hotfix-231214’

nta (1):

  • [708ceea9d] fix(ros): sessionKey offset for RGL signin

pichotm (1):

  • [f906b4002] feat(extra-natives/five): implement ‘GET_PAUSE_MAP_POINTER_WORLD_POSITION’

thorium (8):

  • [af00cb29d] Merge branch ‘mr-147’
  • [888401027] Merge branch ‘pr-2178’
  • [32195c113] Merge branch ‘pr-2272’
  • [e8ae0f2be] Merge branch ‘mr-148’
  • [406300858] feat(github): templates and CI
  • [c9ee6587a] fix(scripting): string coercion sanitization
  • [ebe179794] Merge fix(scripting): string coercion sanitization (mr-150)
  • [b10006d85] fix(nui): move member to work well with string coercion update

And with that, we close this Pulse. Until next year, everyone! :mascot:


Great work as always


Can’t wait for tx v7!


Amazing update as usual, fengorian, however, I have a few questions.

  • Any news on when the latest GTA DLC (3029) will be available to the public?
  • Is there any news on enforcement towards servers that violate the TOS regarding IRL vehicles etc


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This is sick #gtarpweek ! :snail:

amazing work as usual

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We’re working on it :slight_smile: More news soon!

As I shared last month, we are actively enforcing the new PLA!


Very nice news


Glad to see the changes within the asset manager - I have 14 pages myself, its helped tremendously.

May I suggest two features:

  1. A new column: “Last Downloaded” to make it easier to recognize if you’ve downloaded an updated resource. Not sure what qualifies as “New”, so a date would help.
  2. Hide/Archive button for the resources we’ve purchased but no longer use. They should go to a new “Archived assets” page to further reduce the load time of the active resources.

Happy Holidays!


This year has definitely been an interesting one, and it’s great to see the platform move on to yet another one!

I would like to see more exposure and promotion for other corners of the platform though as RP is already super popular (you may as well rename FiveM to “GTA RP” at this point) and the platform is much more diverse and has more potential than just roleplay :slight_smile:

Excited to see what 2024 has in store for us!


Amazing year and amazing work

Would be nice to see something like GTA RP week for RedM especially with RedM being the more isolated one, but that goes back to the RedM will get some love someday!

Overall great job this year CFX


Monthly/quarterly status reports (like for example PUBG has for cheaters, but perhaps just with counts) could be a nice thing to see here. Might be an idea? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it’s ‘updated since last download’.


Question on this, can you go into details on how you guys find non-PLA complaint servers? Do you just rely on user-submitted reports? I am seeing multiple YouTube videos on servers with 200k+ views breaking PLA even thumbnail clearly (still new videos a month after).

Concern is that if its just user-submitted reports then private whitelisted communities will basically get a pass on this stuff because they’re not as public and clearly their own community isn’t going to report them. Then you’re going to have people using it as blackmail and other shady shit.

So any kind of insight on how this works internally might help alleviate some concerns with unfair punishment. Do they get a 30-day notice or something or are they instantly banned? There is a lot of “we handle it” and it doesn’t bode well for confidence of equal treatment.

Edit: my post was approved after db’s comment:

This sounds like a great start.



ey! my questions about fully player-made IRL maps is still unanswered!:unamused:

to recap;back in commu.pulse november,i asked if it’s OK to use IRL maps like tokyo’s shutokou expressway if it was made from the ground up by the players & contains no copyrighted assets(like billboards of vehicle brands and AEM parts brand,and textures ripped from other games & stuff),and that still isn’t answered.:expressionless:

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Depends on where you are from but generally those are public domain and not trademarked. I would look further into it though as especially with the architecture it can get a bit tricky

That’s a good idea, I know a lot of people aren’t taking the enforcement seriously so seeing the numbers themselves would definitely encourage some people to re-evaluate their thinking.

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This would be insanely nice, its kinda a slap in the face watching servers that ignore the rules have such a competitive advantage and seemingly nothing happen. I get there are a ton of servers but I as well as many others sit here and watch some of the biggest servers on the list blatantly violate the tos all day and get away with it. Tickets for reports get little response and you can only submit 1 at a time, im not trying to be a jerk but im trying to help you guys do something about this very clear issue and cant. Im willing to provide many examples to cfx/r* staff in dms since I can only make a single ticket at a time. – EDIT please see NYC in the server browser as a search, found a ton of violations for you guys.

Now that you guys are in partnership with Rockstar Games, I think it would be cool to make the 1024+ slot free. ffs.

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That doesn’t really seem like a good idea, it would result in a huge revenue loss. People subscribe to the patreon to support the project and they get rewarded with perks. If money is tight, think about making some cash from the server using monetization or asking your 1024+ players to chip in a dollar each month, as long as it doesn’t go over the server costs. That way, you can keep things running and your players happy.

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TX v7 10/10

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