Community Pulse - May 2023 Edition

Hey psst!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the community pulse updates over the last few months! Please let us know in your replies below if you are liking it or hating it, and what you’d like to see in it. Your feedback will allow us to continue to develop our communication with you so we can make this even better!

Happy birthday GTA IV!

We’d like to wish Grand Theft Auto IV a happy birthday, this was released on April 29th, 2008 making it 15 years since Niko rolled into Liberty City.

Authentication service outage on April 22nd

On April 22nd, we noticed a portion of our users were unable to connect to any servers. At first, we suspected that one of our Redis deployments was the culprit until we dived into our infrastructure metrics.
We then realized that one of our Cloudflared containers was spitting out a ton of errors, so we decided to restart it (maybe it had lost its connection to Cloudflare and got stuck into a broken state) which made the errors spread across every other container instead. :sweat_smile:
The solution to this outage was to make a new Cloudflared deployment with a brand new Cloudflare Tunnel and redirect traffic to it instead of the current one.

Support update

Continual effort is being put in to improve internal support workflows and structure.
More articles are being updated and published on our support site to answer common questions and issues you may come across on the platform.
We will endeavour to keep updating this with relevant information for you.


On last month’s post we told you that we’ve been working hard on some backend changes which were mainly refactoring and some optimizations.
Instead of releasing it as v5.3, we decided to turn that knob to 11 and add even more stuff before releasing it as txAdmin v6.0.0 . Other than everything mentioned last month, there was a major refactoring to the resource, and added (almost) full compatibility to RedM!
Since this will be the most extensive update txAdmin ever received (over 5% of all txAdmin commits), there will be a short and limited beta pre-release, and after ironing out all kinks it will be released for everyone in the upcoming weeks.

Technical updates

Some contributions missed a mention last month and would like to thank our contributors Dillon Skaggs, Disquse, Ktoś, Nikez, pedr0fontoura, z3t4s, zImPatrick, AvarianKnight and okqut along with anyone who contributed towards the development and PRs for the project.

Below are some notable updates made this past month:

And for the curious ones, a complete detail of what happened on our GitHub repository this past month:
Git shortlog

Disquse (8):

  • [e1db50fc0] feat(extra-natives/five): various network check bypass variables
  • [f5bf92f3b] feat(five): timecycle manager
  • [d51a8cea1] feat(devtools/five): timecycle editor tool
  • [b7768b482] feat(extra-natives/five): timecycle natives
  • [3db1b1aa7] tweak(five): improve some timecycle manager code
  • [4645e1477] tweak(extra-natives/five): improve bigmap natives
  • [44025309e] feat(extra-natives/five): implement additional hud component natives
  • [cb795477f] fix(native-decls): typo in GET_TIMECYCLE_MODIFIER_VAR_NAME_BY_INDEX

Weblate (4):

  • [b2a903769] Update translation files
  • [616f1c755] Translated using Weblate (French)
  • [093756215] Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
  • [a5451bdbc] Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))

blattersturm (46):

  • [3b4f6bb30] internal(conhost): g_conHostMutex cleanup
  • [b729709d3] rebuild
  • [65429c350] fix(client): clean up unique_lock misuse
  • [91356d221] tweak(client): configurable CnL endpoint
  • [8baa4b774] fix(build): mojo project dependency
  • [57822ca92] fix(conhost): {->recursive}_mutex
  • [1c43bd59f] Revert “fix(shared): shared_reference/weak_reference operator!=
  • [67a0303eb] Revert “Revert “fix(shared): shared_reference/weak_reference operator!=””
  • [14a69a51c] Revert “tweak(gamestate/server): no-op ReassignEntity if new == current”
  • [704d15e50] fix(vendor): citizen_util/shared_reference.h correctness changes
  • [79e9aa37d] Revert “Merge pull request #1913 from z3t4s/fix/PatchMeshBlendingBug”
  • [8a25e3da5] Revert “fix(game/five): PatchMeshBlending reloading support”
  • [6e33e6ca0] Revert “Merge pull request #1841 from z3t4s/fix/MeshBlendingQuality”
  • [e0ce01ab1] rebuild
  • [b147842a9] tweak(game/five): remove octant map crash hotpatch
  • [65a465790] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): require a minimum play time for reviews
  • [5a2196307] rebuild
  • [52d9255f2] fix(scripting/five): another result value cleanup
  • [b077db02f] fix(server): check /files/ filter early
  • [80ef6cba0] tweak(build/linux): add xtrace flag to
  • [0bb49178d] fix(build/linux): alpine-keys upgrade bit
  • [d8adc9b94] rebuild
  • [78d783f1c] tweak(build/linux): try alpine 3.16.5 minirootfs
  • [d45a6bc0c] fix(graphics/rdr3): draws being cut off on D3D12 with frame scaling
  • [dffa31842] tweak(device): unify CitizenMount between Five and RDR3
  • [efb646453] fix(device/five): remove \ from platform filter
  • [127162ecb] tweak(five): CPUID CLFLUSH size == 0 workaround
  • [07ca83c20] tweak(data): update VCRedist to v14.34.31938.0
  • [a5cbb9bb7] fix(game/five): wrong offset in vehicles.meta unloading
  • [907922333] tweak(resources/client): retry backoff for download failures
  • [0fe991aa6] rebuild
  • [336b3fad7] rebuild p2
  • [881af4afb] tweak(client/launcher): better size formatting in game storage download
  • [be3bb1806] fix(ros): update RGSC_GET_VERSION_INFO to pretend to be
  • [18a66bf00] fix(server): race condition setting fx::Client::m_syncData
  • [687560f41] tweak(server): only add a client to m_clients after OnClientCreated
  • [5d9c06160] fix(resources/client): initial resource download counting as failure for backoff
  • [9d61233e5] tweak(client): redirect ‘Documents\Rockstar Games’ to AppData\Local
  • [fa22b4043] tweak(nui): rewrite ‘’ requests to ‘
  • [96bf5a411] fix(server): a few sync data correctness fixes
  • [b3df7008e] feat(server): add ‘chat’ resource as part of the build process
  • [195e5fd72] feat(server): save server command history
  • [609c13da2] fix(server): fx::Client sync data lifetime tweaks
  • [34c257b5d] fix(build): node libssl flag
  • [24473caad] tweak(system-resources): random yarn.lock stuff
  • [843247aae] fix(client): AppData\Local needs extra backslash

deterministic_bubble (12):

  • [370628782] Merge pull request #1944 from Disquse/fivem-hud-component-natives
  • [24154ff56] Merge pull request #1924 from thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_4
  • [d39d9115a] Merge pull request #1945 from thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_4_patch1
  • [2c18c2b8a] Merge pull request #1946 from thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_4_patch2
  • [f426350a8] Merge pull request #1931 from Disquse/fivem-timecycle-editor
  • [24c3d1a45] Merge pull request #1915 from Disquse/fivem/ragdoll-network-checks
  • [5f82ef7aa] Merge pull request #1804 from citizenfx-ci/weblate-citizenfx-cfx-ui
  • [ad1fd990d] Merge pull request #1947 from citizenfx-ci/weblate-citizenfx-cfx-ui
  • [0103747fa] Merge pull request #1950 from Disquse/fivem-timecycle-native-typo
  • [e46168490] Merge pull request #1959 from thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_shared_library
  • [51f55e5a9] Merge pull request #1962 from thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_shared_lib_patch
  • [cc56e5c06] Merge pull request #1963 from thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_shared_lib_patch2

thorium (2):

  • [3d410d17a] feat(scripting-mono-v2): all source files for v2
  • [39ea0b3a1] tweak(build-tools): required build tools for mono v2 runtime

thorium-cfx (7):

  • [1ccb9419f] fix(build-tools): creation of out/v2
  • [d09d9f693] fix(build-tools): mono v2 rdr3 and Linux server folder fix
  • [9ef2fe7a4] fix(scripting-mono-v2): concurrent loading fix
  • [c9882a606] tweak(clrcore-v2): shared library changes
  • [4fbf3dbe6] tweak(clrcore-v2): fixes and reorganization
  • [d141303e7] fix(build-tools): rdr3 and Linux server build
  • [bb4a03aa5] fix(clrcore-v2): build errors for rdr3

See you all next month!


Hey! Thanks for update! We’ll enjoy all new features!
Any update about artifact version update?


pretty cool stuff


Keep it up Cfx and team!!! :100: :100: :100:


Thanks to everyone from the Collective and the community for all the efforts to keep the project going. :snail:


I love these kinds of update posts as it makes it much easier for people to follow up on what’s actually happening behind the scenes. Most people don’t read any github commits and this is just an easier way to keep 'em up-to-date!

What I would love to hear about:
There once was mentioned that the whole release section is gonna get an overhaul but it was never specified when this could happen or what it would actually entail. Are there any news about this yet? :slight_smile:


Hi Kiminaze,

Thanks for the feedback and we are glad you like the pulse updates :mascot:

In terms of an update for the releases section & more information, we’ll publish something on this when we have more to tell!


Love these updates! :smirk_cat:


More and more essential and needed improvements with every pulse :slight_smile:
A massive thank you to the team and contributors :heart:


Glad to see the team is evolving the RedM platform, keep it up guys! :heart_eyes:


txAdmin RedM :drooling_face: :heart_eyes:

the beta be looking :fire: :dancer:


thanks for the update

The timecycle editor looks nice!
How would I go about using an edited timecycle modifier? After taking a quick look at the new natives, it seems like I should use CreateTimecycleModifier() and SetTimecycleModifierVar(). However, I wonder if this is the only way or if I need to add the edited XML to a .meta file of some sort.


Save the xml in a resource folder and add following mounter in your manifest:
data_file 'TIMECYCLEMOD_FILE' 'yourxmlfilename.xml'

and then usee the following native to apply it ingame:


Love to see the updates to see what’s happen behind the scene to make fivem better for all


I’m a fan of the community pulses. Especially hearing about the new natives/technical updates.
I’d like to hear more about the support efforts. Currently the fivem releases section is a cesspit of stolen stuff and/or copyrighted content. There only ever seems to be 1 moderator to handle the entire section and even when reports get handled, the OPs are only “hidden” instead of deleted so anyone with the link to the topic can just revisit the page and continue downloading. Are there any plans to improve that section?


I agree, it’s great to have monthly updates and be informed of new natives and technical changes that are being worked on. I completely agree that it is crucial to focus on support efforts as well. It appears that there is indeed ongoing work in that area, but it does seem that only one person, TheIndra, is currently handling the responsibilities.

It’s unfortunate to hear about the state of the FiveM releases section, with stolen and copyrighted content causing issues. I understand your concern regarding the moderation of that section, where reports only result in the topics being “hidden” rather than deleted, allowing users with the link to continue accessing the content, which results in the OP still making hundreds if not thousands in revenue.

While I don’t have specific information about any plans in the works, I can assure you that improving the section is likely a priority for the team. Enhancing moderation, addressing reports promptly, and ensuring deleted content remains inaccessible would be essential steps to create a healthier environment.

Hopefully, the community and the moderators will take note of this issue and take the necessary actions to improve the section, ensuring that copyrighted content and stolen materials are properly dealt with :pray:

Other than that, I hope to see these Community Pulses continue, because it’s great to have a small window on what’s going on, rather than be left in the shadows like how Rockstar Games seem to have gone through 6 or more community managers on Twitter and barely tell us anything nowadays. Keep it up guys!


big updates and great things coming in txadmin @tabarra always doing a great job.

generally impressed with the new natives, they open up a sea of ​​possibilities. :fire:


hej :wink:


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