Codem - Hud v1.1 [ESX - QB] [UPDATED]


This script allows players to select 3 different type of huds on the settings and many features with it.


  • 3 Different huds
  • Optional built-in stress system
  • Built-in toggle engine
  • Cinematic mode
  • Ability to hide hud
  • Nitro system synchronized between players
  • Added on/off via config for top right hud
  • Added turning nitro on/off via config
  • Improved turning the engine on and off
  • The hud icons in the settings and the actual hud are put in the same position
  • Stress boost values moved to config
  • Added hud shutdown when opening map
  • Added /cash and /bank commands
  • Added config for Nitro’s power
  • Added config to disable engine power on/off
  • Added config to show date or not
  • Added round map and square map to settings
  • Added logo instead of Watermark text
  • Added changing the color of watermark text via config
  • Added reduce and enlarge speedometer in hud settings
  • Added turning compass on/off from hud settings
  • Optimized resmon
  • Added Ammo hud.
  • Added refresh rate for speedometer
  • Things like hunger, thirst, armor, stamina can now be turned on or off via Config
  • Added drag and drop system
  • You can now hide hud elements according to certain values. (Dynamic Status)
  • Added toggle speedometer and hud from config
    All the features are shown in the video below


New Updated
Ammo Hud


Tebex - Open Source

Our other works

Codem-BLVCK Hud
Codem-Me Do

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3600+
Requirements esx or qb-core
Support Yes

So from what I’ve seen you stopped updating your 1st hud and now you’re making people pay again for the new UP TO DATE hud. Because we got no UPDATES or anything

money is not important to us


that’s really good dude

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That isn’t the case but it should not even matter. Even though they are v1 and v2 the huds are 2 different themes and do different things. They are being nice when offering v2 for free for those that own v1.

Yeah that’s a good thing. But what the issue was we got V2 and the updates wasn’t showing or anything. But they have sorted it out for me

Amazing work, CodeM

Really like this but I also really liked your Venice hud, bought it. And watching it lag behind; while your other projects get lots of love makes me not want to buy anything else from you. Because its like what’s to stop that from happening again kind of thing. When a script is completely escrowed and cannot be edited people expect more work from the developers.

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Now say it without crying

the only thing i miss is a km/mile counter for the speedometer. otherwise really great

new update is coming very soon and will include these

– Fixes

  • Fixed the radial hud stamina still being visible even if it was turned off from the config
  • Fixed can’t able to drag compass when you click Hide compass and open again
  • Fixed lag on ammo hud
  • Fixed the problem about Hud element doesn’t hide if input value is 100%
  • Fixed problem about speed numbers shaking
  • Background color on watermark hud fixed

– New features

  • Added option to change colors of hud elements
  • You can now drag and drop watermark hud
  • White bar on speedometer changed to rpm
  • Changed nitro system
  • Added oxygen bar
  • Changed seatbelt system
  • Added muted microphone icon
  • Engine icon now shows vehicle engine status
  • Added weapon hud when you holding a gun
  • Now you can set the hud size from settings
  • Added option to drag hud elements as whole or one by one
  • Added config to remove watermark hud elements individual
  • Added glow to speedometer
  • You can now see full street names
  • Added blacklisted weapons for stress
  • Blackhud now uses sql instead of json to save the data



  • Fixed a bug related to voice
  • The format of the numbers has been changed
  • Big gun images fixed
  • Gta 5’s bullet counter turned off
  • Added turning dynamic status on and off for newly entered player via config
  • The text hud no longer intersects with the minimap
  • Players can now turn the map on and off via hudsettings, you can activate this feature via config
  • Fixed a few bugs in dynamic status
  • Fixed a few more resolution issues
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