Codem - Chat (chat-theme) [ESX][QB][PAID]



Futuristic UI Design
10 Type Of Chats
Reply System
Cool Curved Lines
Responsive Design
Colored Names
Colored Tags
Logos for each chat
Supports ESX And QBCore
Works great with other Venice Projects


TEBEX Open Source

Other Scripts :
Venice Hud
Blvck Hud


neat :+1:

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Looks really good !:slight_smile:

what is that possibel wooooow man great work bro

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also the price is best

can you share how much ms using it ?

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not in use : 0.0 , 0.2
use : 0.5 0.7

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thank you

does it work with the twitter app on the phone? so if someone posts from the twitter app it will show in the chat?

yes you can

Hey what’s the diffrence between normal and open source.
And can i do changes like the logo n stuff with your normal script?

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open source yes

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Is it possible to use this as a standalone?



Where is ooc , lspd , all that i bought it but none of that works, and it doesnt come with rpchat

Need help with my account im new in empirecity

I do as well, I tried linking my discord to FiveM and joining empirecity but it says that my discord identifier or something isnt connected. I just bought this PC and have never gamed on computers before so I am new to all of this. Some help would be appreciated.

CANT Join server

I did a /report (MY INGAME ID) and now im banned from the only server I like…

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I can’t join the server. How can I get thiis fixed? Pleaase help new heree

me neather