[CLOTH] TopTip Pack for Fe/Male

I am proud to present to you my new pack, Toptip pack. There are 36 new clothes in the package, and there are 315 files in total with the texture files. All of them are designed by us and presented to you. The clothes produced with realistic textures are optimized for the game and do not cause any fps loss. This package, specially produced for Valentine’s Day, is now with you.



  • Extensions are as follows;
  1. mp_f_freemode_01^accs_019_u.ydd
  2. mp_f_freemode_01^accs_diff_019_a_uni.ytd


  • Love Denim West Skirt
  • Chain Belt Skirt
  • Super Mini Short
  • Leather Candy Skirt
  • Metallic Skirt
  • High Waist Wide Short
  • Patched Love Skirt
  • High School Skirt
  • Plaid Skirt
  • Valentine Skirt
  • Road Short
  • Boo Bag
  • Moshino Bra
  • Puffy Outwear
  • Sexy Me Dress
  • Roomie Top
  • Daisey Dress
  • Victoria Set
  • Cutie Set
  • Cindy Dress
  • Flowery Summer Set
  • Pregnant Dress
  • Chain Belt Dress
  • Candy Top
  • Denimie Top
  • Heart Sweater
  • Icecream Top
  • Birdie Top
  • Wedding Dress
  • Lumberjack Shirt
  • Belly Chain
  • Male berd
  • Male pocket scarf
  • Male Oversize Sweatshirt
  • Male Runner
  • Male Boom Pant

Outfits are for multiplayer. You can name the files according to your personal use. If you don’t know how to install, you can contact me.

There is also a good information on how to stream clothes here;