[CLOTH] Exclusive Pack for Fe/Male

I would like to present you a much more special package than all the packages I have produced so far. I have carefully designed every part of this special package for you. It is very easy for you to own these clothes, which are for players who want to feel completely special. Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this whole process. I’m proud of where I’ve come from. I can’t even describe how happy it is to see my designs on players. The package contains a total of 319 files.
I love you all. :blue_heart:

Also, thank you to @HaneStudios ( Hane Studio) who designed this podium studio for me.



  • Extensions are as follows;
  1. mp_f_freemode_01^accs_019_u.ydd
  2. mp_f_freemode_01^accs_diff_019_a_uni.ytd
  1. Royal Dress (jbib - accs hands - 2 piece)
  2. Gold Glitter Dress (jbib)
  3. Summer Scent Dress (jbib)
  4. Leop Dress (jbib)
  5. Flowy Puffy Top (jbib)
  6. Little Harley Top (jbib)
  7. Ready For Official Top (jbib)
  8. Upps Sorry Top (jbib)
  9. Adventure Tshirt (jbib)
  10. Mia Teddy Top (jbib)
  11. Love School Top (jbib)
  12. Royal Top (jbib)
  13. Romance Skirt (accs)
  14. Ruffle Spring Skirt (accs)
  15. Little Harley Skirt (accs)
  16. Denim 005 Skirt (accs)
  17. Chain Elegant Skirt (accs)
  18. Royal Skirt (accs)
  19. Road Short (accs)
  20. Little Harley Pant (accs)
  21. Ck Belt Bag
  22. Dior Lady Bag
  23. Ysl Bag
  24. Classy Skirt
  25. Classy Shirt
  26. Boo Shopping Bag
  27. Who Am İ Mask
  28. Arm Bunny
  29. Arm Spiderman
  30. Sweetie Sweater
  31. Thong Skirt
  32. Little Leo Set
  33. White Summer Shirt (jbib)(for male)
  34. Guess Sweatshirt (jbib)(for male)
  35. Head Flowers
  36. Sporty Top (jbib)(for male)
  37. Slim Fitt Top (jbib)(for male)
  38. Casual Men Sweater (accs)(for male)
  39. Hey Dude Dress
  40. Summer Love Dress
  41. Black Necklace
  42. Belt Chain

Outfits are for multiplayer. You can name the files according to your personal use. If you don’t know how to install, you can contact me.

There is also a good information on how to stream clothes here;

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Requirements none
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