Client Sided Scripts Only Working On Game Build 1604 and 2060

Hello, a few buds and I are developing a whitelisted server and use client sided menus, and we want the newest game build, but there is an issue, for some reason client sided scripts aren’t working on the newer game builds, it only works on 1604, and 2060. This has been an issue ever since the tuner dlc came to FiveM. Was this done on purpose, or is it a bug. If it is a bug, are you planning on fixing it? Our server runs on version 4484, and we use the production release of the client.

Not a bug, and there’s a number of topics about this and how to change your scripthook plugins.

We could just use build 2060, but we want the newest dlc.

alright I see, I will look at some of the topics.