CHEMICAL RP | 18+ | Serious RP Economy Based | State Police | Gangs | Drugs | HEISTS | Active Staff | EMS and FIRE

MRPD Evidence room can be raided after PD moved to a new location!

this is one awsome city you will enjoy it when you fly in

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City is growing daily! Come join us. All whitelisted jobs are hiring (PD, EMS, etc…) plenty of things for civilians to do to earn money (ATI Trucking, Post OP, Pilot jobs, electrician jobs and much much more). Great community, awesome staff team, weekly events! Come check us out! #ChemicalRP

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Event this weekend! Bounty Hunter, you can win 250K!

We’ve got some openings for new gangs in our city. Or we have one new MC and an established MC in the city with custom kuttes and awesome clubhouses for them both and they are actively recruiting members. Come check em out.

New player owned Gas Stations as well as other businesses which are available.


New cd_garage system
Weekly events
Player Owner Stores!
Soon to have the ability to take NPC’s hostage
Police NPC interactions too!

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The race and car show was awesome! New events almost every weekend! Come by and check it out!

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AWESOME city! Great staff who are quick to respond, stick by what they say. Every community has it’s issues, but ChemicalRP, mark my words, is going to be a place most people call home. Great updates seems like all the time to make the city great and not your t o x 1c community where RPM and crap RP is tolerated. Civs are great and there is PLENTY TO DO! or Fight crime and join the PD where you get an hourly rate AND commission based off your work and have awesome tools to help you do your job that are getting added to constantly.

Friendly caring staff lots of stuff to do this is the place to be

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1 v1 and 2v2 Event signups are open right now. Get in and be apart of the event this weekend!

Reminder! Event is tonight!

Also we are throwing in three new cars on Monday and they are :fire: :fire:

Fishing tournament tonight! Winner gets a sick prize!

Anyone wanna run the twos in the 2v2 tournament tonight?? We are also doing a 1v1. Should be fun!

Our MC is currently recruiting members too. If your interested, hit up Osev in the discord.

So, the 2v2 tournament was moved to tonight since the 1v1 took longer than expected. Grab a partner and lets see what you got!


  • New paintball script that is amazing
  • New Fishing, with city wide tournaments and prizes every restart cycle.

Great city to be a part of

Come check out this amazing city. Friendly, helpful, and active staff. Lots of things to do. This is an all around wonderful place to kick back and have fun.

We currently have room for some active gangs. Whitelisted jobs are also hiring (EMS, PD, mechanics).

We are growing population daily.

Come check us out you won’t be disappointed.

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Auto Whitelist this weekend and have room for two or three gangs with a minimum to start at 4 members! We arent pay to play so gangs are free as they SHOULD be!

Chemical RP is the home of an amazing community that is QB Core based. The current city has some amazing scripts, that are constantly evolving for future growth. We offer our community choices on personnel scripts such as: Player choices in clothing, clubhouses, scripts are all looked at and pushed for in city growth to further the RP to the best creations possible.
We offer: Player Owned Job, Secret Missions / Heists, Orgs / Gangs, Hidden Dealer Runs, Store / House Robberies Jewelry Stores ,Bank Robberies, LEO, and EMS… Just to name a few things.
Long time admin’s that have been in, ran, and visited multiple cities in order to give the best city possible.

This city has tons of fantastic things to offer. They have a maleficent staff team and owners who are always willing to help you and who care about all their members equally. They are not a pay to win server.
They are auto whitelisted.
They are looking for new gangs and EMS!!
Join this city and you won’t regret it.

I can’t wait for October to come. The new Halloween scripts we have coming in are gonna be lit!!! Chemical RP is the place to be! Amazing RP that continues night to night!