Changes to the server list BOOST™ functionality

In the past weeks, we have made a number of changes to the FiveM server list BOOST™ functionality, to be more in line with user expectations and be more friendly towards end users.

What changed?

  • Discord Nitro boosts on the Project Hub server no longer convert to an automatic 10 BOOST™ points, and are completely useless. Since this was originally introduced because Discord required one to register 50 unique accounts to get ‘server perks’, and this is no longer the case, offering this is completely counterproductive. Please stop boosting the Project Hub, it serves no benefit to anyone other than the venture capitalists owning Discord.
  • Old BOOST™ points have been divided by 5 to allow flexibility in pricing for external resellers. This means that $5/€5 = 1 BOOST™ point.
  • You can now buy BOOST™ points as part of an upvote package at ZAP-Hosting, since Patreon’s custom pledge interface might be confusing for some.

What is the current scenario?

  • An Element Club subscription on the FiveM patreon will include the following amount of BOOST™ points:
    • Argentum :cd:: 3 points.
    • Aurum :dvd:: 5 points.
    • Platinum :star2:: 10 points.
  • Existing custom pledges will be honored for the time being, however…
  • … you can directly buy additional BOOST™ score starting at €5/month with a much easier interface than the Patreon ‘custom pledge’ interface from our partner.

What will change in the future?

  • The ‘upvote’ button in the server list will directly lead to a store page.
  • You’ll be able to divide your BOOST™ points across multiple servers.


Do I need a server hosted at ZAP-Hosting to buy upvote packages?

No, you don’t - anyone can buy packages for any server, hosted anywhere.

Why ZAP?!

We already have a partnership with ZAP-Hosting for hosting services, and therefore they were the obvious choice for handling the complexities and legal obligations that come with selling online services.

I liked the Discord boost promotion, why is it gone? :frowning:

Because it served no purpose. We can pay the $130 for the ‘level 3’ perks ourselves, and we do not care about being ‘on top’ of some contrived leaderboards.

That, and it led to a few edge cases where certain servers abused a trick in order to gain fraudulent BOOST™ points.

Why wasn’t this announced before?

Because we were expecting the upvote packages to be done much earlier. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! Always appreciate the efforts :slightly_smiling_face:

I look forward to seeing the future changes mentioned.


Thanks for the update guys. This is gonna be awesome. Planning on getting some boost points for my server very soon.


Good getting new ways but making it expensive doesn’t help anyone in my opinion. :confused: Also does other hosts than ZAP sell boost points?

… it’s the same price it always was, except now with a lower minimum (€5 instead of $15), how is that more expensive?

There are no other hosts that are permitted to sell FiveM services at all, and the sale of boost points is not even tied to hosting. It just happens that this was the easiest way to outsource all the requirements for selling end user products.

May I ask why no one else than ZAP is allowed to sell FiveM hosting? It is monopoly basically.

a) they asked first, unlike other providers at the time who didn’t even ask
b) multiple providers would lead to less favorable rates from each, and having to spend infinite manpower on account management for each of them, so it’s literally a lose-lose for us

I understand, but why don’t open for one more or more. Many people have bad experience with ZAP as they don’t have enough knowledge about FiveM and from what I experienced and read is that they are slow.

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There are seemingly hundreds of VPS and dedicated hosting providers out there. Nobody ever said you can’t use those. Your choice of hosting provider is entirely up to you. If you don’t prefer ZAP Hosting, for whatever reason, then just don’t use them. That’s entirely your choice.

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My friend bought Platinum key but he didn’t get 10 Points to boost our server?

Still think that FiveM should try and work with other providers and ditch Zap. Zap are nothing but useless, provide a sub par service and most of all their billing system/site is far from being finished. Resulting in duplicated charges, no support and just bad customer service overall with no experience in FiveM. It’s great you’re working to make points easier and more accessible to people though.

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I’ll lose my boost every month?
Because i know some servers have the same boost for like 3,4 months and not reset

Gee, thanks for clarifying we’re allowed to use different hosts.

If I use the boost of 15 from one month to the next month of payment, can I add another boost, if I have 3 points, would they add to 6?