Changes to the core team & a word on recent events

Dear community,

The past few weeks have been very hectic. A lot has happened, some of which resulted in warranted criticism. In this post, we’d like to assure everyone that we have been listening to your feedback and would like to provide some perspective on recent events. We are happy to tell you that some long overdue changes are coming.

Changes to the core team

To start off, I’m very excited to announce that I will be joining the team to take over leadership. Going forward, I will take on all major responsibilities of the platform and community, manage our team and set out our roadmap. Until recently, @deterministic_bubble had been the major force in maintaining With the size of our community, it’s not hard to see the amount of work and stress that brings onto a single person. And now, we will be leading together towards a better FiveM/RedM.

This is a big change! I’m sure it will raise a lot of questions, and I probably can’t answer them all in a single announcement. Rest assured, I’m keen to engage with our community. Feel free to shoot me a message!

What does this mean for you? Of course, FiveM and RedM development will continue as usual. However, in addition to internal restructuring, we will be implementing necessary changes:

  • External communication. Communication hasn’t always been our strong point. We all believe that transparency and communication is an important factor to any community, especially ours. And so, we will be working hard to engage with everyone and improve our communication. Any events, whether it be new features, changes or outages, will be announced in a timely fashion. In addition, our team is committed to uphold a professional manner going forward.
  • Platform stability. We are listening to your feedback and want to bring you the most stable platform possible. Your experience is as important to us as it is to you. On the behalf of the whole team, I want to apologize for any issues you may have encountered recently, and I’m happy to tell you we are doing everything we can to resolve all of your issues. I will be coordinating all development to make sure we continuously improve our platform and to make FiveM and RedM better as a whole. Of course, change doesn’t happen overnight, so we ask you all to be patient and be on the lookout for updates!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We have exciting times ahead!

State of

As mentioned above, a lot has happened recently. We just quickly want to address some questions you’ve been asking us.

  • Stability of our platform is incredibly important to us. With the changes to our team, we’d like to ask everyone to be patient while we work hard to improve stability. Please provide reproducible steps to any issues you have whenever possible.
  • After a short outage, some of you were worried this was out of our control. No, we have not been hacked. The message was unfortunately wrongly put up by one of our developers. We immediately addressed this issue and have taken the necessary measures to prevent this from happening again. Forthcoming, I will be managing any possible outages and messages that may be put out.
  • We haven’t forgotten about RedM! Updates are in our pipeline.

Coming updates

We also want to bring you good news on some long-necessary updates around the platform:

  • Our team is working on a unified design language across the landscape. This means that we are improving our user experience, both in-game as on our websites, and being consistent with the design that we use. More news on that later.
  • The FiveM documentation will receive some additional love too. We believe there is low hanging fruit to make scripting in FiveM more accessible and we’ll be working on expanding our documentation.
  • With RedM still in development, we will also make progress to unify FiveM and RedM documentation.

Final words

We’ve had some hardships in the past couple of months but are looking forward to improving our internal structure, dividing tasks more effectively, and strengthening the core features of the platform. We will continue to develop the platform with the players in mind as without you this project would not exist. We have a fantastic team of incredibly skilled individuals and will keep everyone updated of our progress. As always, we’d like to thank everyone for their continued support. It means a lot to us.

Stay safe.

- Technetium & the team


Great to hear!

I’m excited for the future :smiley:


Thank you all for your continued hard work. Excited to see what the future brings.


\o/ \o/ \o/

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Thanks for your hard work ! :ok_hand:


Great news! Good to hear all of the new stuff happening!

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Looking forward to all the positive changes on the way!

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Thanks for everything you did, you do and will do. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great news! Looking forward to see all the incredible upcoming stuff!

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Thank you for your transparancy and honesty in this announcement, looking forward to the great strides the project will make in the rest of the year and beyond! :heart:

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A massive thank you to the entire team! Your hard work is very much appreciated.

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Thank you guys for all of your efforts to keep the project going.

Great news ! 2020 is starting to look a bit better :sweat_smile:
Keep up the good work

Thank you for the updates, especially around RedM. I know we are a smaller subset, but we all want to do great things and until recently have been limited by progress of RedM. Hopefully things keep slowly getting better anyhow.

It’s nice to at least see RedM mentioned outside of just being in Maintenance Mode!

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Just a quick question - last server build was like an week ago. Is there any problem with server build now, or what happened?

CloudFlare is caching the artifacts pages, apparently somewhat aggressively. It will update eventually. We’ll see if we can improve that, but as a workaround you can append ?something=random to the URL to get the very latest artifacts :slight_smile:

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Awesome news!!

This is exciting news!

This really is true, not just for this community, but so many others. It’s good to see leadership noticing a flaw and working on it. Love that

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Awesome to hear. Out of curiosity - are you a second developer or are you mainly just doing PR and documentation? Either way, thank you for your efforts.