Community Pulse - September 2023 Edition

i hope there gonna remove the cfx key price if this is going ahead cause till then i will still continue to use it regardless


I’m confused… People say that brands etc. are all prohibited, but shouldn’t we first clean up the forum? Currently, I still see many assets that you can buy with real brands. CFX doesn’t want us to use real brands but one can still offer their real brand assets on the CFX forum.


This is a good point to make, probably a good idea to start a fresh with the releases and such.

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I would like to know when will cfx make an announcement about this to clear all the question’s up about brands, so everyone is clear on what we have to remove and what not.

As a lot of people stated in the comments, this was never a issue till Rockstar took over.

Server owners do not make money out of owning a server, as all revenue made goes back into the servers , upkeep , scripts , clothes and that.

There is a number of servers that do make money out of it , and then there is some that are only in it for there gain of money , IMO these server should be dealt with as they are breaking TOS

CFX please make an announcement explaining what we need so we can understand more in detail of what we need to remove and also when by this is what we are all asking.

As i see MLO’s and a lot of stuff thats still using brands that was realised after this announcement

Fivem is supposed to be as realistic as possible

No it isn’t?

thats what RP is supposed to be

Weird, I played SAMP (San Andreas MP) which didn’t support streaming assets - and some servers had over 500 players at peak.

if any brand cared they would have doine somthing by now FiveM has been ontop for years and brands dont care if we use there brands in the server and the only way i can confimly say that is cause if any brand did care at all There would be hella lawsuits and FiveM wouldnt be a thing anymore

FiveM is niche, and these companies are run by dinosaurs; as soon as they become aware they will act. The creator of FiveM already confirmed

The terms didn’t even change at all - the old terms stated you must have permission to use and distribute assets to users.

it could be done a bit better on rockstarts part as wlel tho as they can also not be cheap and actually pay the brands money if they want to aviod lawsuits as many games have branded cars in there game

Most games don’t even have vehicle damage for those branded vehicles. Can’t have the vehicles looking dirty or fragile. Car manufacturers don’t want their vehicles associated with illegal street racing, gang violence, bank robberies.

GTA is not the kind of game they want to make deals with in the first place - adding in a bunch of unregulated, unmoderated, third-party users running weird 18+ ERP servers and players screaming the N-word every 5 seconds is icing on the cake.

Cfx and Rockstar don’t owe you anything. Be glad you can do any of this in the first place, considering it damn near got shut down by TakeTwo years ago.

Kind of pointless to argue with children and imbeciles though.


this was bound to happen anyways, but people just dont seem to accept that fact

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I’m alright with a lot of recent changes, brand safety matters for R* and i can understand other concerns, but there is something i don’t understand:

If you do hold any such rights to Your UGC, including any copyright or other intellectual property
interest, then, in exchange for the rights licensed to you in this Creator PLA, you hereby grant us an
irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive and sublicensable right to use, reproduce, copy,
adapt, edit, modify, distribute, perform, display, publish, broadcast, transmit, translate, create
derivative works based on, or otherwise exploit such content within or via the Creator Services or Online
Services for any purposes related to the Creator Services or Online Services for the full duration of the
intellectual property rights pertaining to Your UGC (including all revivals, reversions, and extensions of
those rights).

This means any content produced on a server is also owned by Rockstar and they can do whatever thay want with it ?

Working to produce even better content for years and you just go “now this is ours too” is a no, nobody will invest more time in FiveM if Rockstar can just come and take everything of your server, recreate it with your scripts, mappings, vehicles and terminate the access to your server or they can also take any MLOs they find great without contacting the creator or buying it.

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Would love to see a very direct and concise announcement from Cfx that states a clear timeline for when all copyright/TOS violation material needs to be removed from releases and servers. Just make it clear and give everyone a hard date, so we aren’t in this nebulous grey zone where stuff isn’t technically allowed but isn’t enforced either.

I think releases definitely need to be cleaned up as a matter of principle, Cfx gets a cut of Tebex sales, which means there is direct profit from people who are selling things that violate Cfx and R*'s terms. Every week I see MLOs sold for Liberty City, which you aren’t even technically allowed to use in a FiveM server.

I think a hard timeline and clear outline of the punishments for continued violation afterward would do a whole lot to make where everyone stands very clear.

Thanks to the Cfx team for all the work, and thanks to anyone who may read and reply to this.


Technically? Yes.
They can use whatever they want whenever they want.

However, consider this:
CFX stated in the original post that they can now strengthen their infrastructure much more clearly which is probably an indication of their servers (including keymaster and forum) now running on Rockstar servers. This means that they need a legal way to store your data. And this is this term.

Ultimately this is an approval of trust from both sides. You have to trust them not to abuse this system while they have to trust you that you don’t do fuckery with their services.

This is also a term used in most other games that allow modding. It is a simple way to ensure that the company is even allowed to store those assets/files for distribution. It also allows for using them as marketing material (“Look at us, we provide custom servers using custom scripts/assets!”) which is the main reason behind such broad terms.

If you take a look at Rockstars terms, you can see that since the beginning of time they had a clause that allows them to use video material (youtube, streams) of GTA V in their own promotional material. It has always been like that and I can assure you that this is true for like 99% of big video game companies. This is nothing new.

Fun fact:
In theory Disney owns a shit-ton of p*rn because technically everything depicting their copyrighted characters is owned by them.

So what should owners do then?

This will really put an end to Fivem. I’m a server created by Fivem, most of my audience comes because of the realistic feature… very sad indeed.

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what about using reallife radio stations ingame like in the vehicles?

Finally someone else that notices. Everyone here is moaning about wanting to continue to infringe the trademark of car companies, while the real elephant in the room here is the fact that Rockstar either wants to own the title and copyright of your content (your assets and your scripts included) (4.5), or if you claim to own its copyright, then they want an UNLIMITED license to do whatever they want with it, including allowing other servers to use it (5.3).


I would like you to clear my doubts. I roleplay as a child, but she follows all the standards of a child in real life. I have a family and the server has clear rules about what a child can and cannot do. Can this type of child be kept on the server?

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Does 4.2.2 effectively ban selling server brand merch? (without using FiveM/Rockstar brands)

So basically they want us to work for them for free

(4.5), or if you claim to own its copyright, then they want an UNLIMITED license to do whatever they want with it, including allowing other servers to use it (5.3).

We can´t make profit from our servers.
We can´t use real life content. Brands
We can´t make roleplay servers with gangs or mafias.
We can´t make racing servers.

We can´t basically do the things FiveM it was created at start.

What do u expect we “server owners and content creators and developers” to do now?


Well, i know what im doing, closing all my projects. Good luck and bye.

I personally fully understand your feedback on this new updated regulation, which changes almost everything from what we were used to, especially for us developers.

It’s also important to know that Rockstar Games is under the influence of Take-Two, and it’s Take-Two that sets the rules, not Rockstar Games in terms of the regulations to follow.

Now that Rockstar Games has officially partnered with CFX and they work together, CFX must now adhere to their regulations, which is logical. We shouldn’t forget that GTA V was created by Rockstar Games, not CFX. I feel like people are mixing everything up.

From the beginning, CFX has been violating a lot of regulations. I still don’t know how the project managed to stay afloat until today without getting shut down, who knows…

In any case, now that CFX is under the control of Rockstar Games in terms of licensing, it’s different because everything is under the responsibility of Rockstar Games. So, it’s logical to see a lot of changes, like not being able to integrate well-known brands without proper rights.
but for not being able to make money from your server. It’s up to them to find a solution for that.

As for well-known brands, it was bound to happen because it should have been sanctioned from the beginning, especially since most people are making income from it. If it were all done for free, then I see no problem, but that’s not the case.

Anyway, now that CFX is under Rockstar Games, you can forget about that because Rockstar Games would have to pay for every license you use on your brands, which will never happen.

The biggest Problem I see is that using brandings on the Server in General could lead to cfx shutting your server down. But like you said, the getting an income from brands should be sanctioned otherwise I researched some stuff about that laws on google and it says as long as you don’t get any money from using the brands its legal to use it without the rights or license.

Thats whats most concerning for most Server Owners, cause theres plenty of realistic life like Servers
Of course there are some good Los Santos Servers and such but I don’t think Server Owners from realistic servers do want to switch to Los Santos Settings as its a big ton of work, will cause to many people leaving the server (even if it was a pretty good server, many people just can’t see the vanilla cars anymore) and maybe they will even lose big amounts of money they invested to buy special mlos or prop packs or cars which have some sort of branding on it.

Just sad how it turned out

Do I understand that right or wrong? Is it no longer allowed to play children’s characters?