Community Pulse - September 2023 Edition

Hello everyone! We’re a little late – we know!
It’s been a busy few weeks as we continue to integrate our team and project into our new home within Rockstar Games. Rest assured, we are settling into our situation quickly and smoothly! In our first Community Pulse since these exciting changes, we will be answering some key questions from the community as well as sharing a few important updates!

Community Questions

The response to the news of joining Rockstar Games was incredible – thank you to all who reached out. Understandably, you also have lots of questions waiting to be answered, so we’ve compiled the most common thoughts. Let’s go over them!

Acquisition or Partnership?

Many community members reached out to ask about the precise nature of our relationship with Rockstar Games. We are happy to say that Rockstar Games has acquired – which, as long-term fans, we are all incredibly excited about. It is functionally the same team behind the scenes, but with the full support of Rockstar Games, we will be able to strengthen the platform and grow the community even further over time. The use of the term ‘partnership’ in our previous announcement refers to us working together to achieve a common goal: making FiveM the best it can possibly be!

What are we currently focusing on?

While the acquisition has not meaningfully affected our day-to-day operations, it has opened the door for us to more quickly upgrade our entire service over time. With the help of the Rockstar Games team, we’ve currently been focusing our efforts on improving the overall stability of our infrastructure to ensure as little downtime as possible, as well as making efforts to upgrade our customer support experience. Working with Rockstar Games also gives us access to new tools to improve our overall community health, so one of our first steps has been working to address any immediate safety and security concerns we were able to identify together. Furthermore, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the future of the platform – seeing where we can improve across both FiveM and RedM – all of which we’ll get to very soon!

What changes should we expect?

As we mentioned in the initial announcement, we do not intend to make major changes to the way FiveM and RedM currently function. The team continues to operate as before, with the freedom to make decisions as before, but now we are a part of the Rockstar Games team! Our shared goal is to grow and improve the existing platform: adding more functionality wherever possible and making it easier for our community to create and share their creations. :mascot:

As a reminder – if you have any feedback on the platform you would like to share, please leave your comments on this announcement (we read all of them!) or join our Discord community.

Changes to Terms of Service

Now that is a part of Rockstar Games, our Terms of Service have been updated to reflect Rockstar Games’ broader terms and policies. We also encourage everyone to take the time to read our updated Platform License Agreement, which is available at

Protecting our Community

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the FiveM and RedM communities, a number of FiveM servers were recently discovered to have been violating our service in ways that require immediate enforcement and removal. The safety of our community is of the utmost importance to us, and we want to make it clear that mods containing or promoting violent extremism, graphic sexual content, glorification of hate groups or real-world militia groups, or abuse and depiction of children or minors, have no place on our platform. If you operate or administer servers that feature this content, we suggest that you remove this content immediately to avoid any current or future enforcement actions. If you are a player who encounters a server that contains the content described above, please contact so that our team can make an assessment.

See you all next month!


WOO YEAH! :mascot:


Okay, are we content creators but not limited? When it comes to custom vehicles / scripts or monitarization of FiveM servers?


Super excited for the future, thank you to everyone working at! Here is to the future.


Looking forward to what comes of this in the future :sunglasses:


Love live! <3


pog :open_mouth:

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I can’t help but notice that the words “zap” and “tebex” occur exactly zero times each in the new terms of service.


It tells you to refer to the website for that stuff now.


Yep, this is a good thing.
Baking that stuff directly into the TOS is not as flexible, as a new version would have to be made to accommodate changes.

Overall, I think the new terms are clearer in some points, and more nebulously legalese in others, but I’m sure I can work out what they mean eventually.


I want to address an ongoing issue regarding the monitoring of our forums. It’s concerning to witness instances where creators steal others’ code, only to sell it, and then remain active even after being caught by moderators multiple times. Even after their content gets blocked, they can still post, participate in the forums, and recreate the same content. Moreover, they continue to exploit the escrow system, which doesn’t seem logical.

The content protection measures currently in place are insufficient and have always been. No barriers exist to prevent the bypassing of these protections; the system, as it stands, enables this kind of behavior.

Such a landscape discourages individuals from producing free content or even paid source available content.

So, here are my pressing questions:

1 -Are there any forthcoming rules for individuals caught stealing and selling stolen or modified code?

2- Despite their previous actions, are these individuals still able to utilize platforms like Tebex, create new packages, and use the escrow system as a workaround, especially if their content gets removed from the forums? If so, it negates the purpose of content removal.

3- If a creator has managed to navigate these loopholes, selling stolen scripts for months and defrauding buyers, will there be any repercussions for them? Can the affected buyers expect any form of compensation?

4 -If there aren’t any punitive actions for wrongdoing, then what incentive is there for individuals to act ethically and legally?

It’s distressing to think that one might face no consequences even when doing the wrong thing.

I sincerely hope that R takes note of these issues. It’s high time for change, especially when it seems that CFX hasn’t shown adequate concern.*


When can we expect work on the main repo to kickstart again? It didn’t take long to notice right after the R* announcement hit the main repo essentially went on ice with only security fixes here and there. There are still some outstanding community PRs pending review that are hugely beneficial and a lot of people have been waiting for to be reviewed and merged.


This is a dream come true.

Very cool!

Also a great sign that you are going against racism etc!
Is Zaphosting still the only-approved-hosting-partner? I would remove it cause hosting dedicated does make more sense… Most people use OVH.

The approved hosting and monetization providers are now listed at FiveM - Server hosting

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Was there before, but thanks!


Thanks for the update on what is being worked on!
Literally yesterday I talked to a friend about “There are probably some changes coming really soon” when I realised the lack of recent updates :smiley:

I have a question regarding terms 6.1 and 6.2:

The wording of those two terms makes it sounds like we will have to send our DMCA notices directly to Rockstar (or more clearly Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.).
Is this only related to UGC being used by Custom Servers and/or
Because if there is any copyright infringement on e.g. Github or Tebex, these sites have their own templates to fill out to make a proper report to them.
In recent times, I have to create those fairly often and it just sounds weird to me, that I would have to send them to Take-Two instead.

And another question regarding 4.3:

Now this might just be me not having English as a first language and not being a lawyer, however the following sentence sounds weird to me:
The “not sponsored” and “not endorsed” is understandable, however translating “not approved” is more like “not allowed” or “not tolerated” which would make no sense.

Any clarification on these two would be appreciated!

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good question.

I carefully read this post including the attached docs.
But we are unsure how to proceed.

As we are a German top 10 server we are more than interested in following the exact guidelines to keep us out of trouble.

  • 4.4 Commercial Exploitation - mentions that ingame currency for real world currency is prohibited. Does this include a virtual currency bought over tebex which can ingame be used to get a premium phone-number, a custom license plate or access to special vehicles (R*-Cars & real world cars)?

  • 4.3 no Sponsorship - as mentioned in (2) there could be some disclaimer in the servername, what exactly does this allow us to do? As we do not advertise the server at any point as official nor with any kind of brands, including R*/Take2.

Another question for intellectual properties: is it further allowed to use custom PEDs (which are under some kind of license) like the AMONGUS ones for an ingame event (which is not advertised nor sponsored or with paid access in any way)

Thanks for your help and keep up the expansion, we are looking to an even brighter future.


Yep… idk what to do now we are developing since 1 Year on a 100% Custom Server… But yeah? We dont know if it is allowed to use Cars from Companys like Dodge, Mercedes etc.

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