Community Pulse - February 2023 Edition

Hello everyone,

Time for our February update in which we’ll share some of the things we’ve been working on.
There will be more to discuss in future updates which we are not quite ready to talk about at this time.

15M FiveM players & new player count records

On January 29th, both FiveM and RedM broke their respective concurrent player count records:

  • FiveM reached 269,097 online players :mascot:
  • RedM peaked at 7,929 online players :cowboy_hat_face:

And today, FiveM attained 15 million unique players since January 2017! :tada:

We’d like to thank the community for its amazing support throughout the years, it means a lot to all our team members. :heart:

Keeping your accounts safe

Recently we’ve made a Twitter post in regards to keeping your accounts safe where possible ( It is highly recommended to use 2FA wherever possible to prevent such abuse on both your Rockstar Social Club account and forum account.

Game and services development


Our anticheat has seen a lot of regular updates in the last few months targeting popular cheating software and we’re continuously thriving and pushing towards making our platform a safer place for everyone’s experiences.
We also fixed a bug where people could use an old detected cheat to delay their ban.

On a side note, if you have access to any working cheat software please get in touch on our Support platform with the following information:

  • Archive containing the cheat executables
  • Name of the cheat
  • Where did you get it (Discord server, website, Youtube video, …)
  • Never used license or account + instructions on how to activate the license (for paid cheats)

Services security improvements

Confirmation email for asset transferring

In September, we mentioned our forums were the target of large credential-stuffing attacks leading to some users with an already compromised password getting their assets stolen.
I’m sure users over the last months have now noticed confirmation emails are required for asset transfers. When you initiate a transfer you’ll now receive an email with a confirmation link.
The asset grant will only be transferred to the account of your liking once you click the confirmation link within the email you received.

:warning: Please check your Spam inbox, some email providers might wrongly flag this email as spam.
The email address these are coming from will always be [email protected]!

Confirmation email for forum email change

As otherwise assets transfer confirmation emails could easily be defeated, we enabled a recently released setting on our forum software, Discourse, which will ask you to confirm your old email address before updating your forum account to a new email address.

The email address these are coming from will also always be [email protected].

Another policy change on asset transfers

We also recently changed asset transfers so you can no longer transfer the license you automatically get when creating an asset. This was used by a small number of people to circumvent the normal purchase/granting process, which wasn’t intended.

New native commands

There were some recent additions from the community, here’s a selection:

Server list

Server icon file size limit increased from 100KB to 500KB to accommodate for larger APNGs, this fixes the missing icon issue a few servers have recently reported.


Many major updates were made to txAdmin but here are a few highlights for updates v5.1 & v5.2:

  • Completely rewrote the Discord Bot to use Slash Commands, and added a totally customizable Server Status Embed!
  • Added Maintenance mode for the server, as well as Discord Guild Member, and Discord Role whitelist modes! (settings config)
  • Now you can replace txAdmin’s in-game notification for Announcements, DMs and Warns by disabling them in the settings page and using our new game events.
  • Added Super Jump player mode to the menu.
  • The CFG Editor page now has hotkeys! Use CTRL+F to search, CTRL+R to restart the server, CTRL+; to comment line, and of course CTRL+S to save.
  • And quite a few more tweaks and fixed…

Discord & Forums

Our Discord moderation bot Snaily :mascot: has been fixed to ensure RedM resources releases from the forums appear correctly in the #releases channel on our Discord guild, as this only worked for FiveM releases previously.
We also fixed build events not being properly sent in #build-updates.



Did you know FiveM has a built-in crosshair that you can fully customize and configure through familiar CS:GO-like commands? Check it out on our new documentation page for crosshairs!

:information_source: Server owners: You can add setr cl_customCrosshair false to your server.cfg to prevent players from using our native crosshair on your server.

Vehicle models

We also now have a documentation page for all the vehicles currently present in the base game, with pictures! Check it out!

And by the way, we have plans to…

  • … add more game references to the FiveM docs section (weapons and pickup hashes), certain things such as weapons and others are missing, that’s including game bone indexes for entities and vehicles, which are documented in natives, but nowhere formally such as the documentation.

Support & Tickets

The team are working hard to clear through a recent large uplift in support requests. Please expect some delay in getting back to you whilst we work through them. As always we are looking to improve workflow over time to improve and prevent such in the future. To give some clarity in 2021 we seen around 16,000 tickets, in 2022 this number was close to 98,000.

Please keep an eye out on announcements & service updates for important information.
See you in another month!


Congratulations on the milestones!



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Loved the Txadmin Updates as well!!!

nice! :mascot:


CFX is the best FX

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Thank you for the update! :cowboy_hat_face:


cant wait for the future!!

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:heart: Incredible work

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That’s a 500% increase! Crazy workload as one can imagine.

Thanks for the update :mascot:

As always, thanks for the continuous updates and support - it’s great to see the platform continue to thrive and give people a break from their stressful lives :slight_smile:

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Don’t want to be a burden, but it was actually me that added it, niek did some correction on the native to check from the start of the string instead of anywhere in the string


Another amazing update!

Congrats :tada::clap:

Bro free my slime Berkie

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As always thanks for the continued development! I’m liking the new natives!

Nice work guys!

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Highly needed.
Good job! :slight_smile:

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