Community Pulse - August 2022 Edition

Hi everyone!
Can’t believe summer is coming to an end already, it feels like just yesterday we were writing that June post at the start of summer! We hope everyone got the chance to touch some grass and that you enjoyed the sun while it lasted :sun_with_face:


Last month our team worked hard to add support for the new Criminal Enterprises DLC to FiveM. Any server build over 5755 is now able to use this game build which can be activated via the sv_enforceGameBuild convar using build number 2699 or its alias mpsum2. More information about the new DLC can be found here.


Some of you may have noticed that our Keymaster page has had a UI update, this new UI has a much smoother flow compared to the old one and we hope you agree!

Our team has also added support for YDD files in escrowed resources, this means you can now include your drawable dictionaries in your encrypted assets.

Keymaster has had a busy month! We have also added an email confirmation on asset transfer, this will help prevent bad actors that may have gained access to your account from transferring all of your assets. However, as always please keep your account secure with strong passwords and by using 2-factor authentication where possible to prevent your account from being compromised in the first place.


Our amazing UI team has also been working hard for the past couple of months on a completely redesigned CfxUI using React, we have provided a little sneak peek below for you to feast your eyes upon :eyes:


Versions v4.16 and v4.17 of txAdmin have been released this month bringing various bug fixes and features, see below for a summary:

  • Completely rewrote our dev workflow and moved folders around, this will help us bring new and exciting features in the near future!
  • Core: Removed server 300s boot hard limit to one based on per resource, the default is 90s;
  • Core: Added configuration (settings > restarter) to increase the time limit for resources to start;
  • Menu: Added a new permission for admins to toggle showing player IDs, as well as logs for that action;
  • Deployer: Added support for non-default MySQL/MariaDB port;
  • Web: Added server restart button to the CFG Editor page, for your convenience :slight_smile:
  • Web: Fixed resources and admin edit page not automatically refreshing;
  • Menu: Added option to disable NUI Auth local source IP check (solves Invalid Request: source rejection reason).
  • Locale: Updated Swedish, Dutch and Greek (thanks MasterVargen, borisnliscool and Taxis8);
  • Core: Added the name of the admin back into the server restart reason, it will now say “requested by [name]”.
  • Many many other minor tweaks and fixes.

As always, without you guys, we would have no reason to create this amazing platform and for that we thank you!
Till next month :wave:


React UI :eyes:


banger new UI :fire:


When will the new CfxUI be released? This thing looks fire

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New UI looking goooood.


Very dope ui changes gamers. Keep up the good work.

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hot stuff :cowboy_hat_face:

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UI Be looking :fire: :fire: doe

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amazing clean ui quick suggestion tho
1.more color themes maybe have the option to change it by a hex color picker to change music on main menu for something of your choosing as the background img in the settings

Can’t wait to get back to work after I’ll heal from Covid!

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Hell yeahhh!

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add searcher bar to Keymaster so i can just type the file I’m looking for


please get rid of the server that hosting companies put up to just take space up in the server list

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love it! good work guys

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The new interface is crazy I’ve been testing it for a few hours and this beautiful