Client Update for January 12th, 2023 Client / January 2023 Update 1

This update (with version number 6199) applies to both FiveM and RedM and contains a few changes, including support for GTA V build 2802 (‘Drug Wars’).

(this update has been reissued on January 14th with version 6209 to fix an issue where the game could get stuck on launch)

Summarized (and incomplete) changelog

  • It’s 2023. Happy (belated) new year.
  • More anticheat tweaks. Big banwave no. 2 for a popular cheat may follow in the future.
  • Certain crashes in Windows system DLLs will now show a proper crash window instead of exiting the game silently.
  • Client startup time has been reduced as a result of some optimizations.
  • When using the ‘Polish (Poland)’ locale in Windows, the main menu ‘top server’ listing will now show pl-PL servers correctly.
  • Registering an account from the in-game login screen works again.
  • RNNoise-based noise suppression is now available for built-in in-game voice. This can be disabled in the game settings, or using the MumbleSetAudioInputIntent - FiveM Natives @ Docs command with the MUSIC type.
  • FiveM: Launching with GTA V build 2802 (“Drug Wars”, mpxmas3) is now supported when combined with compatible FXServer releases. This still isn’t the default launch build (i.e. a 2699 downgrade is still expected), and some issues may still occur - please report 'em.
  • FiveM: A behavior issue/crash when using runtime textures in Scaleform has been fixed.
  • FiveM: Some race condition-type crashes have been fixed.
  • FiveM: DXGI errors will now indicate if a graphics mod is installed to suggest the user to try without said graphics mod.
  • FiveM: A few community pull requests have been merged.
  • RedM: A community pull request by slashkeyvalue was merged adding a SET_IGNORE_VEHICLE_OWNERSHIP_FOR_STOWING native.