Cars get invisible and/or drag players behind

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Using canary? No
Windows version: Windows 10.0.18363
System specifications: Intel Core i9-7920X, RTX 2080 Ti, 64 GB Ram, 2x SSD NVMe 1000GB


Operating system: Windows Server 2019
Artifact version: 2967
IP address: Private Server (unlisted)
Resources: 421
System specifications: Quad 3.50 GHz Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6, 32GB Ram, 2x SSD 500 GB, 1GBit up/down


Summary: When there are more than 5 cars on the same spot, some players get invisible cars or get dragged behind the car. The client who drives the car can see it, only the players around can’t see it. The issue only happents with Artifact 2967. After that we installed Artifact 2882 and the problem is gone.
Expected behavior: Players can drive visible cars without getting dragged by it.
Actual behavior: Players are floating in the air or get dragged by the car.
Steps to reproduce: Get more than 5 cars and 10-20 players on one spot. Let some of the players drive the cars around. More players and cars = better results to reproduce it.
Server/Client? Client (or Server because it looks like a sync issue)
Files for repro (if any): None
Error screenshot (if any): (Source from OneSync - Vehicles that players are in are showing invisible)
.dmp files/report IDs: None

Any additional info:
Someone had the exact same issue (but the topic got closed): OneSync - Vehicles that players are in are showing invisible

Have you considered trying any recent releases at all?

Thx the latest recommended release from yesterday seems to fix it. :slight_smile: We tested it with a lot of players and its gone for now.

@ilharp Thats not the topic. :man_facepalming: You need to create a new one for your specific problem.

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