[C#] RELEASE - Los Santos zombie apocalypse

this was an attmpt to recreate one of my most favorite servers of all times on SA:MP - Los Santos zombie apocalypse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IabjSsNEBU)

Since I have no time and I’m not sure, if it is even possible to make it as I wanted it to be, I release the source code, because I think, that there are many interesting principles and solutions that might help someone else.


  • Written in C#
  • Includes both server and client scripts
  • Uses mysql database
  • Uses NativeUI for inventory
  • Uses lot of custom UI elements (HTML, CSS, JS/Jquery)

Problems that I’ve encountered

  • I don’t have time
  • Desynchronization of NPC’s (if I’m alone on server, everything is fine, when friend joins, it breaks down)
  • Only one NPC can attack me at the time, which is not wanted in zombie gamemode

Included systems:

  • Time system
  • Weather system (server synchronised)
  • Disabled all population
  • Skin picker system
  • Inventory system (press N)
  • Customised spawn manager
  • Stats system
  • Random vehicle spawning system
  • XP / rank system
  • Flashlight system (shows zombies on minimap)
  • Zombie spawning and behaviour system
  • Vehicle, engine start, fuel and oil system
  • checkpoint (complete 8 checkpoints to finish rounds) system

Hope this will help someone. Repo: https://gitlab.com/Tolgi/lszap


Pretty cool release

Awesome man very very cool

Man I miss SA:MP days :frowning:

Just a heads up from a zombie server owner, careful with how many zombies you spawn as FiveM has a maximum of entities, going over 20 per player if you’ve got around 50 players at a time will result in crashes from their client.

This release looks incredible, from what I read it looks like a very promising start for someone looking to open a zombie server, hope someone takes on this and gets something nice done, I would definitely do if I didn’t have my own already hahah!

How do I make this work? We added it to the server but it seems not to work. It sayed: started lsza
But no safezones on map or zombies spawning.
Please we need a quick help couse we need to have the server ready.