[BROKE] Battle Royale V - gamemode / alpha version - DO NOT WORK WITH FXSERVER

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a Battle Royale / Last Man Standing gamemode, inspired by the movie and the other games / mods of this type.

The gamemode is close to be fully playable by now, and I’d like to run a few tests with more than 2 players (btw thanks Peaced for all the tests !).

The testing phase should start soon (if there is enough people willing to), and if you’re interested in participating, please send me your SteamID64 in a private message, I’ll add you to the whitelist. You can even send me a specific name and a skin (from this list : https://ragepluginhook.net/PedModels.aspx) if you want to get a different name and a default skin when you join (you’ll still be able to change it)

I’ve created a dedicated Discord so you’ll be able to report bugs and share your ideas on the gamemode : https://discord.gg/576hXyw

I’ll use it to announce tests sessions too.

When the gamemode will be finished, I plan on opening a non-whitelisted server for everyone to play, and releasing the source code.

Here are some rules and tips that will be displayed on the loading screen :

IG Rules
  1. Be respectful to all players
  2. Be careful with the landing
  3. Don’t stay out of the current safe zone when the timer hits 0
  4. Take guns
  5. Shoot
  6. Be the last man standing to win !
Tips & tricks
  1. There are 5 safe zones each one smaller than the previous
  2. The first round last 300 seconds, each other round is then reduced by 60s
  3. Call /911 for emergency help (sends a message to the admin)
  4. You can get a new random skin with /skin (from NPC models)
  5. Save your current skin with /saveskin
  6. You can change your IG name with /name NewName (The gamemode implements it’s own player name system)
  7. There is no health regen (:smiley:)
If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment and ask.

UPDATE - 2017-11-06

I should have done that a long time ago, I know

Development of the gamemode is discontinued.

Source is available at http://github.com/eliakoh/brv but isn’t working with FXServer.


Lots of update today, and now we got a nice loading screen, a custom leaderboard and chat :




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Neat! Finally something polished other than roleplay. :snail:


:astonished: An element on my topic :wave::blush:

Thanks for the kind words ! Will do my best.

Looking really good!

Thanks !

Added a global ranking, updated every hour with the total number of kills, wins, and games (I’ll post a screen later)

Got my death and win screens working, need to adjust effet and sound for the winner

And the server is up and running, just waiting for more testers :slight_smile:

Hello really nice script, i will install it in my second server and send you a review !!

Just a question, how do you open the appartments interiors please (like in your screenshot) ?

Amazing work !
I’m ve been following the progression and it’s getting there ! Fine tuned and polished, it’s gonna be a must for BR fans.

would love to try this out, would be great if it works aswell as the others, was only saying other day it be great on gta a battlegrounds type game

Thanks !

I did nothing special for the apartment, actually you can’t get out of this appartment without teleporting, that’s why I’m using it as the lobby.

I got a list of all GTAO apartments coordinates like this one, found it somewhere but can’t remember where. I can send you the list if you want.

Thanks mate, your help was (and still is) very precious, best of luck for your gamemode !

I just answered your PM. I’m open to all suggestions for this mode to make it better and I need you, players, to help me with that.

This gamemode will be more fast-paced and arcade oriented. That’s something I want, I think it can be fun to play in the middle of NPCs, with short games duration (15-20mn max), and I think it works pretty well with the GTA engine.

Going back to work now !

Yes can i have this apartments coordinates please ?:blush:

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Seems to be Awesome ! (I’m a player of H1Z1 :)) Love the way you dev this. Keep the good work !

local interiors = {
  { x = 261.4586, y = -998.8196, z = -99.00863 },
  { x = -35.31277, y = -580.4199, z = 88.71221 },
  { x = -1477.14, y = -538.7499, z = 55.5264 },
  { x = -18.07856, y = -583.6725, z = 79.46569 },
  { x = -1468.14, y = -541.815, z = 73.4442 },
  { x = -915.811, y = -379.432, z = 113.6748 },
  { x = -614.86, y = 40.6783, z = 97.60007 },
  { x = -773.407, y = 341.766, z = 211.397 },
  { x = -169.286, y = 486.4938, z = 137.4436 },
  { x = 340.9412, y = 437.1798, z = 149.3925 },
  { x = 373.023, y = 416.105, z = 145.7006 },
  { x = -676.127, y = 588.612, z = 145.1698 },
  { x = -763.107, y = 615.906, z = 144.1401 },
  { x = -857.798, y = 682.563, z = 152.6529 },
  { x = 120.5, y = 549.952, z = 184.097 },
  { x = -1288.055, y = 440.748, z = 97.69459 }, -- 16

Here it is, the first is a tiny appt, the one I’m using is the 2nd. Until 9th it’s all in the same building, and then until the end it’s another building so the appts looks a lot similar.

Thanks man, I appreciate

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1. Global Ranking

We can see the autostart notification as well.

2. Safe zone generation

I improved the safe zone generation algorithm so it can goes from


while staying coherent with the previous zones.

This is a debug mode, in the game the safe zones are shown one by one.

After the starting the game, only the first safe zone is visible :

3. Bugfixes

Cause we need 'em

4. Weapon locations

I tested all locations and removed incorrect / bugged ones.

I made a little command for storing easily new coords for more locations.

5. More

I also added the Compass and street name HUD resource ([Release] Compass and street name HUD)

Thanks to the testers who made a few games with me earlier and shared their ideas.

Stay tuned for more !


Following this for updates, very interested in this.

Hey guys, another update :fire:

Infinite stamina

Yeah, it sucks to only run for 10 seconds when there’s no car around

Last updated (global ranking)

A little addition to know when the stats were updated on the global ranking

Yellow marker on weapons !

Winner screen

(Yeah I know, it’s basically the wasted screen, with a green “Winner”, but it got a nice sound effet :joy: )

New weapon locations


Spectator mode \o/

When you’re dead, there’s only one thing to do…

Still a work in progress, but you can already switch between alive players !

Stay tuned

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Server is now in PUBLIC BETA !

More info on :


What the actual F*ck. This looks amazing. Great work. :clap:

Keep it up!


Thanks man !

:smiley: yes ! thanks

Don’t forget to check the Server Advert topic, as I’m posting updates there now :slight_smile:

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