Beginner looking for RP server and advice!

Hello! I’ve been watching GTA rp and reading guides for a while but am hoping to make some connections and gain knowledge from other players that would make my leap into a server a bit smoother (and also looking for suggestions on WHAT servers are good for noob role-players with an eagerness to learn!). I know each server is different, but tips on where I should even start or anything at all is really appreciated. I’ve wanted to hop into servers and learn on the fly but don’t want to ruin any one else’s rp experience while I try to figure it all out!
Again, any help is super appreciated and thank you in advance!


Hey Ragekitten,
Our server (Responders’ San Andreas) is very newbie friendly. We are always welcome to invite new members of the FiveM community through our doors. With experienced roleplayers, some even holding their position in real life. We can surely help you grow!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me on discord: Joshh#4993
View our bazaar post here
Join our discord server here

We have a very welcome new server you can try out. Check us out on discord and talk with some of the people and Staff. Maybe we could be the right ones for you. We have new and veteran RP people in the city and are looking to grow. We try to bring a difference to the community and it shows. Ask anyone about us in discord and you will see, we are one of the best places. There are plenty of servers out there but we hope you will join us from time to time if you wish. No bans for going to other cities, no crazy harsh admins. We just want people to have a fun time, either with us or with others. Hope to see you in Valhalla or join us on discord


Hey! S1RP is a new community that is rapidly growing, we are very welcoming to people that are new to FiveM and will overall help you and guide you to become a better roleplayer! Check us out here!

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Hey! :wave:
Make sure to check out LSPDRP. We are a noob friendly RP community and i am sure that our members will help you as much as they can.

Link: ✅ 16+ | PVE | Co-op | Beta | Custom EUP | LSPDRP is looking for Staff, Beta Testers, LEO's and Department Heads!



Looking for a FiveM server that just started up friendly to new players, join WASTED RP we have a Northern San Andreas based RP we have LSSD and SAHP. We are currently looking for FTOs, supervisors, and members for both departments. If you are looking to join our server join our discord at . We also include Community Fire and EMS, meaning NO APPLICATION IS NEEDED!!! But for those wishing to help improve that Fire and EMS can apply VIA discord.

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Hey there,
It definitely can be confusing for new fivem players. The best way it to find a group of fivem vets that have been playing for years and have them teach you. You can try to find a good server on the server list, or even here on the bazar, but it can be hard to find an actual good one. My advice would be to try some out and see how you like the communities. I am on Rapid Response Role Play right now and I think its a fantastic community of old and new members. If you want you should check it out.

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Thank you so much for the responses everyone! I’m on PST and my play time will be at night (7pm-) I’ve been looking at all of the servers and snooping around while I read some guides and such :slight_smile:

From your first post my server fits you perfectly, we are filled with new RPers and are looking for fresh blood, most are willing to get more involved in each RP and trying to participate in others

Hey @Ragekitten we would love to have you in our server! We are a vMenu based server that already has almost 500 members. We would be happy to help you get started with FiveM/roleplaying.

You can see more information about our server here:

Hey @Ragekitten,
make sure to check out our server!

✅ 16+ | Est. 2018 | PVE | Co-op | Beta | Custom EUP | LSPDRP is looking for Staff, Beta Testers and LEO's!

so i need help bc when i try to join a server it stops and says awaiting scripts please help me out

Hey, it really depends on which server you are trying to join. There might be a problem with some of the resources that the server you are trying to join. I would suggest you contact that server.
btw this isn’t the right place for that question.

Hi I’m actually a complete noob at rp but really want to learn what good servers are currently willing to teach people? I’ve played console GTA but I’ve made the leap to PC GTA and really want to try out the rp community it looks amazing watching the streams. Thanks a lot

We would love to have you on our server. Its new and we just starting out. The lux empire- real economy based. Serious RP

Hi, my name is Noah, DM me on discord (Noah A.#2663) and I can get you set up with a really amazing server. Its filled with ex- DoJRP, OCRP, ORP, MidwestRP, and SVRP members/Staff!

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Destination Roleplay,

We are pleased to bring the FiveM community a new server! One where it is your future, your destination! We bring you…Destination Roleplay! Live the life that you want to live. Maybe you want to enforce the laws of San Andreas and protect your fellow citizens. Join BCSO! Perhaps you like saving lives and caring for your fellow citizens. Join SAEMS! Maybe you like working on cars and supporting your community. Join DOT! Or, perhaps you like breaking the rules and living as a renegade. No matter what path you choose, it is yours to direct. We offer many exciting features in Destination Roleplay. Here are a few:

  • Server is up 24/7
  • Hiring BCSO, SAEMS, DOT, Car Dealers, Real Estate Agents, Pilots, and much more!
  • Be the boss of your own business.
  • MANY secondary jobs to do!
  • Rob banks, jewelry store, stores, houses, and players.
  • Craft weapons and car parts!
  • Realistic stress management system.
  • Multiple activities such as bowling, golfing, basketball, arm wrestling, yoga, fishing, hunting, diving, and much more!
  • Buy and furnish a house!
  • Obtain a driver’s license, motorcycle license, CDL, and weapons license.
  • Want to change the way you look? Purchase a plastic surgery voucher from a Doctor!
  • Custom integrated MDT
  • Custom EUP
  • LOTS of custom vehicles
  • Serious roleplay


So, what are you waiting for? Join Destination Roleplay today and create the future you want to make!
Join our discord to learn more: Destination RolePlay

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