Beginner looking for RP server and advice!

Hi, RageKitten!
I was new to GTA RP at one point so I totally understand how you’re feeling. I personally go out of my way to help players that join Daydream RP. I’m patient, never get frustrated, always available to help. Even if you make a mistake it’s okay because we all do! If you’re interested, I’d love to show you the ropes!

Check out NARP!

Fresh new city with everything open for grabs! Also what type of advice do you need?

  • No application, just join our discord agree to the rules and blam you have access
  • Beginner-friendly
  • New city to grow with

Hey @Ragekitten,

i would love to see new amazing players. please all welcome

Weekly giveaways

As of now, we are a new server with Gravity Nation, feel free to join if you want to be apart of the community! You can find more about them below, including the discord link!!

| Gravity Nation |

We are a fast growing FiveM server, we are built on an QBcore framework, and take RP as serious as possible! For those of you who don’t know what ESX means, ESX basically means economy. Here, you treat everything as if it’s IRL. We have a full economy, tons of criminal activity, 4+ ACTIVE police departments, an active EMS | Fire & Rescue Team, and enough civilian role play to last a lifetime.

Our server is filled with custom scripts, and many things you just don’t see very often. For example, we have full vehicle customization, including; Engine Swaps, Mechanic Check-Ups, oil & tire pressure, NOS, custom widebodys, spoilers, rims, etc!!

:white_check_mark: - Custom MLO’s to fit everyone’s needs

:white_check_mark: - Over 700+ custom cars (as of right now)

:white_check_mark: - Server will be up 24/7

:white_check_mark: - A LOT of Giveaways

:white_check_mark: - Custom EUP for any and all of your Roleplay needs.

:white_check_mark: - Fun server events

:white_check_mark: - A quickly growing community

:white_check_mark: - Easy applications

:white_check_mark: - Custom scripts as (Housing, Car Customization, Guns, etc)

:white_check_mark: - Large car catalog for Police Departments

:white_check_mark: - Active Staff/Developers

:white_check_mark: - Servers in other games!!

And a short conclusion on | Gravity Nation |, we are inspired and determined to be a well organized, and all around well built server. All of our inspiration comes directly from the community, what they want, and what they aspire to Roleplay as. We are not only a community, we’re a family. It’s a place to meet new friends, enable new opportunity’s, and have fun at the same time!!!

If you’re interested, you can find out all of our info below!!


If your still looking and haven’t found something you enjoy yet let me know. I’m still new to roleplay to be honest and learning everyday. My personal favorite server by far is Core Roleplay. I’m a community helper there and more then happy to help you out when you join the discord/server and show you all the basics and such.

Hey, we aren’t a really popular fivem server, but here’s the link. TRP Community Discord
We are under development at the moment but will be releasing our server to the public soon.

HIHI! I don’t know if you’re still looking for advice, but if you’re going for a realistic type server, then the best advice I can give is act as if you were the character in real life. Some people starting out, just play pretty much themselves and then after some time go into making other characters with different and unique backstories, personalities, etc.
When making a character, one great thing to consider is how the character is going to die. Because you are the one writing the story and life of that character, but if you don’t have an end point or goal you go towards, you might get stuck or feel like there’s nothing to do.
Also remember, that you make the story, so don’t wait for others to start it for you. Everyone in roleplay are their own main characters. So when making connections and such, remember to consider if other people will have fun with it too as well as you. Roleplay is like a give and take type of thing.
Some might agree/disagree with this, but this is the best guide I can give. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. I play on Core Roleplay if you ever want to check it out, but whatever home you find, hope you have fun!.

My personal experiences I started on vMenu Based Servers but later I join a Economy Based Server and in my opinion I prefer Economy Based because there’s a lot more you can do then a Menu Based can.

Hey I know this post is old, but id like to invite everyone to come check us out :slight_smile:

We are new player friendly and would genuinely enjoy helping others learn how to roleplay and get involved!

Welcome to Nightfall RP, where the car’s are fast, and the discovery is limitless! A Serious RP City for all to enjoy! We accept people of all over the world! Come share your side with ours, we love meeting new people!


We are trying to grow our community, hop in and say hello!

Interested in starting a gang?

Your own division in PD?

Want to run a business?

Come bring your vision to life in Nightfall!


Join the city and DM Hopeless for your starter package!


Check us out on TikTok!

Check us out on Discord!


I hope to see you there! :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

This post might be from a while ago, but my advice still stands true to anyone trying to get into this game. Try and ask yourself “What would I do if I was really here?” whenever possible. It helps keep immersion and provide realism. Would you not flinch if you had a gun pointed straight at your forehead? No, you are not John Wick. Would you kill someone for the sake of killing them? If you did, you would be a psychopath and locked up in a mental hospital. Build good characters and backstories. Pretend you are a writer on a crime tv show is my best advice for that. Overall, just have fun is the important thing, but never let your personal fun ruin other’s fun, because it’s meant to be enjoyed by all.

As for a good server, we just relaunched our old server, NEORP, which you can find out more here NEORP 1.5

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You would be welcome at - We are most active during the time frames you are talking about, and even in the down times there are still anywhere from 5-15 people on. Most active you will see 20-30 when we do an event. Constantly growing and active development, and we have a few guides in our basic info channel to help with people new to roleplay, or new to our specific server. Come check us out :slight_smile:

Hi there~!

Welcome to the darkside, lol. GTARP is so fun and addicting. I’ve only been playing for less than a year myself, and have really been enjoying my time in a city called Bastion.

Its built on an entirely custom framework and offers a refreshingly unique take on the FiveM roleplay experience.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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We will give advice if you join us lol! Nightlight Roleplay | New City | Active Staff & Devs | QBCore Economy | Looking for Staff, Leo, Ems | Serious RP - #16 by WokenCFX

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Link is broken

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