B1G_HUD V2 - CAR and STATUS HUD - Health, stress, armor, car speed, fuel, compass, streets, and much more!

I am, its ESX-V1F. It weird cause the names are all the same and it still is having problems getting the correct info.

This looks great!

Is there a way/support to change the stress option to voice? (PMA specifically)

Thanks - Whippet :100:

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sure !

for this hud can’t use belt on helicopter

i really wanna use this hud but if its not one thing its another :frowning:

anybody got a clue what i am missing ??? i know its stand alone but its not like a plug n play

Yes belt its not activated for helis, but its not a big of a change.

It should be plug and play, try checking if something is interfering with it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

is this standalone?

If I am on 4k 3820x2180 I can’t use it only one has 1920x1080 right?

how remove spam in F8 ?

i think its somewhere a print just delete it

delete the print, its fixed in the new version :wink:

For now yes :slight_smile:


I have a small problem with the gas :smiley: Try anything to fix it, but I cant get in in the right position.

Please download the new version.