Awaiting scrip?

What the problem always, when you going in to the serves, always showing this screen and on bottom right always are text awaiting script, and i wait so long time and i didnt go in to the server, whats the problem ?


If you are sitting there for an extended period of time, there is likely a broken script causing you issues. Are there any errors in the console, and have you tried a different server?

Its my friend server and we dont know or this is fivem problem or this is server scrip or smth problem ? becouse for so much people doesnt work

I can join in another servers, that what i seee in console

Disable the Tekstas2 resource, restart the server, then try joining.

Okey thanks, we going to try

We deleted that script, but it doesnt help. Still awaiting script.

Did they clear the cache before restarting the server? if it get stuck on the same resource its still there.

Server chache ?

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yes the server cache

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Did you find a fix for this yet? I am having the same issue.

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@NoFith1 Already found a fix for this? We also have this problem and we need a fix like right now…

Oddly enough I am getting the same awaiting scripts text but I have no errors in the f8. Any suggestions?

Did you look in your console aswell?

I’m experiencing this on my server as well. I’m not sure what scripts the client is awaiting for, but I don’t have any errors in my logs and still get it.

Hope someone has an answer or fix, it’s confusing the new players :frowning:
EDIT: Added my logs, at this point the client is mostly idle, “Awaiting scripts”

CitizenFX.ini (68 Bytes) CitizenFX.log (91.3 KB)

Not sure, but if u send the server.cfg I can check my theory

Why would they need to send the server.cfg file? It’s an issue on the servers side of things. A resource hanging.

Have y’all figured out how to fix the Awaiting scripts error?

Do you have any recommendations on how I could track down the hanging resource?

I’ve looked through the server folders and nothing is jumping out at me as a log file, or maybe there’s something I could write/record myself?