AutoReply System + Prefix | v1.0

Here i’m releasing my automatic reply system, that includes player prefixes (using license).

The words in the chat message do not have to be in the right order, the script mixes the order of the words it’s self.

questions = {
	"write all in small letters",
	"don't use question mark (?)",
	"seperated by commas",
	"this is question NR. 4"
} -- set your messages here

answers = {
	"This is the answer to question NR. 1 set above.",
	"Use small and big letters.",
	"Set a point (.) at the end.",
	"This is the answer to question NR. 4 set above."
} -- set your replies here

local debug = "false" -- set this to "true" (enable) or "false" (disable) | shows, what the script is currently doing (in console)

prefixes = {
} -- set your prefixes here (do not list default here!)

-- default = {"prefix | ", r, g, b}
default = {"Player | ", 0, 0, 20}

-- prefixname = {"license:playerlicense", "prefix | ", r, g, b}
prefix1 = {"license:6917e9c059e05a93c3bc8b4947bbb9b35628aada", "Owner | ", 255, 0, 0}
prefix2 = {"license:816be4ca8f66da5f53998d688ece517ff9c1eb13", "Moderator | ", 255, 0, 255}

If you do not know how to get the player license: if you have debug mode enabled, it will show your license in the console, when you’re joining. Else you can use vespura’s script.

This script is incompatible with scripts like rolesFX, but there should not be any need for them, when you’re using this script.

Feel free to comment and summit any problems or bugs.
Do not repost this script without my permission! (2.9 KB)

Idea by Sheriff.Smiley


examples would be cool

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Please upload the download files with the forum upload, such that the link doesn’t go down.

Thank you

Ohh thanks m8 im going to test this and then im going to update this post

Can you please add a image/video so we can see how it works?

He want you to upload the file here on the forum


So in sted of this link he want you to upload the file via the forum and if the file is too large upload it to github

Don’t upload it to a 3rd party website (even your own). Use Github or the file upload feature of the forum image

This is to avoid that the download link doesn’t go down when your website goes down or you remove the file.

Ohh thanks m8 for your thoughtful comment. Please no backseat moderating. Thank you.

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If you want to upload images you can drag and drop them in your topic if you want to upload a video then do that on youtube and add a link in op

Also if you want to add more than 3 images then i suggest you to use the folder thingy here on the forums

You can also upload images via the upload button

Hope I helped you

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Hope third party is ok for the video, i don’t want that video on my youtube channel :wink:

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You can set the video on not public but yeah sure do it on other web sites to as long as we can see a video then i guess it is okay

You can also use

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